Kiddie bloating
- .... a reality indeed these days ...

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Over the past couple of days, I’ve been noticing something strange about my almost 7 year old daughter.

She’s still as slim as ever, and still full of boundless ENERGY, but she’s getting crankier by the day.

No wonder, given the lockdown everywhere (or almost-lockdown depending upon how you look at it). No wonder, given the fact that schools are closed, and will remain closed until quite a while now.

No wonder, given that all normal activities (movies, outings etc) are ALL on hold.

No wonder given that online classes are BORING as HECK and unimaginative too.

And most of all, no wonder given there is very little physical activity going on.

But let me back up.

Over the past few days, I’ve been noticing a certain tightness to my daughter’s stomach, and it was protruding somewhat.

NOT the sort of protrusion that is fat, or even major league bloating, but it was there.

It’s the sort you associated with indigestion – -and constipation, and given the number of times she’s been to the loo, well the latter is a distinct possibility.

Now don’t get me wrong. She still runs around the house a lot and is WAY, way more energetic than the tubs of lard that (unfortunately) a lot of kids have turned into. Doesn’t eat lot of junk food. Doesn’t overeat. Still does SOME exercise daily. So, its all good from that regard.

But it’s less than what she’s USED to.

And this same thing happens to me. When I stopped my hill workouts, for instance, the 4-5 climbs in the morning and 2 at night, it took my body a while to adjust to the newer and shorter workouts.

For a while, it felt like I was doing nothing at all!

And that’ll happen, but back to my daughter – this is likely a problem those of you with kids are facing as well.

Excess energy not being burnt, and culminating in cranky, annoyed kids – – and of course, issues such as bloating and other issues like excessive weight gain.

Or simply a general lack of appetite, distended stomach, and so forth …

Or bad breath (this sometimes happens when kids have upset tummies).

And while this isn’t meant to be “kiddie health central”, the fact remains – it is absolutely vital, as much as for YOU – that your kids (beyond the age of 2 or so until which it’s all natural movement anyway) get AS MUCH exercise as they can even if that’s indoors.

I was discussing this with the wife today.

Sometimes, I have to be a tad strict with my daughter, and my wife, ever vigilant will “swoop down on her little one” like a mother eagle would, hehe.

“So what can I do”, I said. “When I tell her something, you tell me … … “

“Wasn’t this way when we were young, and … “

“You’re right” said my wife. “But then when we were young we didn’t have cable, and endless options for entertainment in front of us”

“We had the teeee veeee” I responded.

“True, but not a lot of options on it.”

I was forced to concede this point.

“Yes, unless the person concerned had cable. Oh, and mainly – no internet!”

And that’s the real culprit these days, of course. Everything is online, from classes to sports to games .. and though my daughter and me make it a POINT to play offline games before bed every night, not everyone does.

And this is why it’s even more vital for kids to be on the right exercise program – something they can DO daily, and something they will enjoy doing.

Something that is NATURAL, and is FUN. Something that will make them feel like kids again – – as if they’re playing GAMES or sports in the park, and give them a hell of a workout too while they’re at it!

And all of that, my friend is what Kiddie Fitness is about.

Get yer grubby “paws” on it right NOW –


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The reviews continue to pour in for Pushup Central, including from one person on my WeChat list who commented thus “You’re having some great workouts these days aren’t you!”.

Sure am, pal – and YOU can too. Grab Pushup Central right here – –

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