Good things come in small packages
- Pocket Dynamo, or should I say ROCKET, hehe.

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As I was throwing my trash outside, I came across a spare bag . . . not a trash bag, but one of those bags similar to what you’d use when getting groceries.

This was a bag from Mei Yi Jia, one of my BY FAR MOST favorite (if there is a such a term; if not, I invented it!) businesses in China, hehe.

They are a convenience store brand with the FRIENDLIEST customer service out there in mainland China – by far.

Not fancy shmancy by any means. No silly airs and attitudes.

Dudes that are polite, and to the point, even with angry foreign devils sometimes bitching at them about their beer being way too late (delivery), hehe.

But given all that, it’s probably one of my favorite brands in China, and if you’ve read my comments in that regard before, you KNOW that ain’t a tag I give out, if at all!

I cannot recall the number of times that I wanted beer . . or (back in the day when I smoked) a pack of cigarettes . . . or perhaps just a “loaf” hehe of bread and eggs.

Call Mei Yi jia, and it matters NOT if it’s a Chinese festival and the whole damn city is shut down.

It matters NOT if the COVID19 is spreading (well, unless we’re talking Wuhan hehe) . . . they’ll deliver, and to your doorstep, and do so promptly.

That reminds me. I must message my delivery guy and ask him how he is, as for whatever reason he hasn’t returned to work at the store (from what I can tell) . . .

Anyway, they give you bags with Chinglish all over them (Chinese English which can be sort of pseudo cute in a way) – – and these bags state the following (I’m stating this from memory) –

“Small thing, but respect!”

What they mean is to not toss the bag anywhere after use. To reuse it. And yes, although those bags are small, they’re amazingly strong for their size, and that brings me to my central point.

It ain’t about the size of the dog. It’s about the size of the FIGHT in the dog.

And good things often DO come in small packages.

Lets look at Bruce Lee, for instance. Hardly a big guy, but if you’ve got a choice between the average pumper and toner and Lee in your corner for a knockdown BRAWL – who would you choose?

Or, Mike  Tyson – who is huge in a way, but again, if you look at some of the roid monsters out there – not big by comparison.

I’ve mentioned before about ole Steve Austin (and that’s the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so!) being my all time favorite wrassler out there.

There will never be another Austin, and never another Attitude Era.

And when the WWE hyped the Austin vs Tyson feud (which ultimately ended in the two champs being friends at the end of it all), I couldn’t help but think one thing.

In a REAL fight, who would win?

Austin is a great wrassler no doubt and a HUGE guy. Far bigger than ole Tyson.

And yet, I’d put my money on Tyson any day in a real fight, for obvious reasons!

And so forth.

Good things often come in small packages my friend, and funny part when it comes to yours truly?

I’ve often been very candid about the fact that I ain’t got the best genetics out there (by far!).

And I’ve often been even more candid about the fact that I ain’t a big guy, and the naysayers nod their heads and agree.

“I could toss you through a window!”

And yet, the REAL fighters don’t say that.

The REAL fighters have this to say.

“You’re not a small specimen by any means!”

My friend from the Marines, a bonafide GORILLA if there was a human version once stood right in front of me “toe to toe”.

Look, he said.

“You’re not hardly as small as you say!”

Sage remarks, hehe, from a man that’s been there and done that and knows what he BE talking about, hehe.

And on that note, it’s out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Big doesn’t mean fat, and fat don’t mean big. You ain’t got no excuses to be fat, my friend. Sorry, but that’s just how it is – and if this here dispatch inspires you to DO something about the ponderous and almighty Buddha Belly youre tugging alone, here are the routines that will do it –

P.S #2 – And yes, big guys CAN do pull-ups. Look at the picture on THIS here Page – –

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