If I can’t hear you BREATHE . . .
- . . . you might as well NOT be doing 'em!

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As I just got done with a mini workout – which took all of 5 minutes if even that, and am back to my writing, something just hit home.

“If I can’t hear you BREATHE across the room as you do these exercises, you might as well not be doing ‘em”.

Matt Furey I believe it was, renegade info publisher that got started WAYYY back in the day when yours truly FIRST went to China and heard of him, and one thing he has been constantly emphasizing ever since then is the value of deep breathing – something which for 0 Excuses faithful – you guys KNOW that resonates with me!

Especially if you’re read my version of the BEST darn exercise ever, and how it gives you a stretch through the entire body – strength throughout the upper back and chest in a manner you’ve never ever gotten before (hint – if you’re used to pounding out heavy poundages on the lat pulldown, or even pull-ups, then this exercise may come as a shock and a good one!) –  and that leaves you BUZZING and feeling like a million bucks.  .  .

So much so that I put out an entire BOOK on this ONE exercise, hehe.

And if you’ve read my tips on deep breathing in 0 Excuses Fitness (I’ve devoted an entire chapter on it in that book, and in Advanced Hill Training) and if you’ve been following me and know how to recover quicker than anyone else after a hard, hard set of hill sprints . . .

And he said the following about his own bodyweight exercises (I don’t know Matt personally, but the stuff he puts out is SOLID) . . .

“If I can’t hear you . . . “, ah, but we went there didn’t we?

And it’s true.

Deep breathing, as Martin Farmer Burns correctly said made many a weak man STRONG and many a sick man well.

And to that I would add the following.

“Made many a lard ass get in the best shape of my – their lives – and improved their health IMMEASURABLY from the inside out!”

As I was pounding out Hindu squats furiously between bouts of writing it struck me.

People climb a hill for instance, and experience the DEEP “burn” from within their chest like they’ve never experienced before.

You know what I mean, don’t you?

That DEEP heart pounding away NINETEEN to the dozen effect.

As you literally “feel” your belly expand and contract with each breath, and you (if you’re on Advanced Hill Training) FEEL the fat melting off ya as you do these exercises . . .

That DEEP breathing effect, and you keep panting to a degree and burning FAT off a long time after the actual workout . . .

And while people think that’s normal while climbing hills or doing outdoor activities like swimming (another great workout if you do it right) – for some reason, bodyweight exercises aren’t given the same respect/thought.

Which is weird, because bodyweight exercises, especially the almighty PUSHUP demand just as much deep breathing – if not MORE.

Do 50 quick pushups right now, and tell me not how you feel (I bet it’s great!) but how you BREATHE.

How your lungs OPEN up – and your mind does too.

Quite literally (I got this idea to write about it to you as I was doing my squats!).

And Hindu squats are the only other bodyweight exercise that get the heart thumping VERY quickly – within the space of a few SECONDS sometimes when you do ‘em right.

The only exercise (bodyweight) that makes you drip sweat all over for HOURS after your workout.

Ok, not hours, but you get the drift!

And that, more than anything should be enough to convince you not just of the sheer efficacy of the exercise, but the value of deep breathing as well.

It makes you feel like a billion bucks later, I’ll tell yout hat much!

Anyway, enough for this email. For more check out the 0 Excuses Fitness System right here – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/


Rahu lMookerjee

P.S. – You’ll want to especially check out the workout video, hehe as you see me “practicing what I preach” . . .

P.S #2 – Someone asked me a while back why I mention others in my emails. Well – simple and as I said in the book – credit where credit’s due, my friend. If I think I’ve patented something, I ain’t gonna be shy about saying it (the best darn exercise, for instance). But if someone else has come along before me and put out something that I teach now, well – simple – credit where credit is DUE. There ain’t no two ways about THAT!

P.P.S – To be coached by the best there ever is (I know, I know!), apply right HERE.

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