Forget it! The discussion is going round and round in circles!
- Is it, really? Hehe

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My wife piped up about the COVID19 during lunch.

“This Coronavirus has wreaked hell on economies” she went. “Businesses have shut down globally, especially small business!”

“True”, I mused. “All the more reason for people to stand UP and do what I said in my last email – which is to discard the shroud of FEAR that is being forced upon everyone globally”.

Now, my wife is normally a logical person so the answer that came back surprised me, even shocked me a little.

But only momentarily, as I was instantly reminded of how successful the governments across the world (with the notable exception of a few) have been in instilling FEAR in the population globally (and of course, if we’re talking mainland china, taking the exact same thing to giddy and opposite limits).

Everything is good in moderation, my friend . . . EXCEPT FEAR!

And back to the topic – my wife’s response!

“But they’re people, of course they’ll be scared!”

“Huh?? But why?”

“because they’re people!” she retorted.

I said I heard her the first time, and proceeded to list out the facts that I listed in my last email.

Namely, that the virus does NOT stand a very good chance against you if you have above average or GOOD immunity. Namely too that the common flu and other viruses that have been around since AGES kill more globally than the COVID-19 every YEAR . . .

Namely, that studies show that 9 out of 10 that contract this RECOVER. The so called “deadly pandemic” – or PANIC DEMIC, my friend? You tell me!

And namely, that the 1 that does pass away has an underlying medical or health condition that was exacerbated by the COVID 19.

Of course, none of these facts were taken on board.

“And why did they spread it in the first place”, she continued.

“No-one arguing about that” I replied. “That was wrong, and they must be punished for that (whoever did spread it, but what NOW?”



“Forget it”, she replied in a huff. “There’s no point discussing anything with you as go around and around in ciricles?”

And off she went, and this sort of response is typical of people these days (and actually always) that can’t handle FACTS thrown at them during a discussion.

The China tom tommers and those that claim “China did an excellent job in controlling the virus”, for instance, are talking about their collective backsides, and when presented with facts  as a tom tommer recently was on LinkedIn, their response?

“You’re racist! Go away!

A typically juvenile response (not one directed at me) when one can’t handle FACTs, especially the “go away” part, and coming from the same people that preach “tolerance” and yet when someone has an opinion contrary to their own . . . it’s either “ go away!” or “I’m outta here!”

So much for tolerance and discussion eh.

What saddens me though is the continual brainwashing being done globally in all countries, to the point where normally logical people are following their lead too.

And that’s of course how brain washing is done at a subliminal level. From Hitler to Stalin to tyrants down the ages – this is how brain washing and mass control started – and it all THRIVED in an an environment of ENTIRELY MAN MADE FEAR.

They’re people so they should be scared (so the sheeple argument goes, it seems!). . . and insane as it might sound, if you analyze what is going on around you regardless of where you are in the world (and yes, this applies to you in mainland China as well, my friend) this is EXACTLY what is happening everywhere.

My wife then went on about “what if they get the virus, and they’ll have to pay for treatment!”

“Governments are footing the bill”, I started, but I was cut off.

“In India they aren’t!”

“Ok, but . . . “

“You keep talking about China! They aren’t in China either are they?”

“Actually they are, but yes, they bill ‘em later”, I conceded. “But that ain’t the point, and . . . “

I could go on and on but this whole discussion was so pointless and meaningless that I saw no point.

And why do I write to you about this?

Because that’s precisely how it goes with fitness too my friend.

Tell Bubba he needs to lose weight, for example.

And he (or she) will get back with “But I can’t!”

“I don’t have time!”

“I’m too stressed from the virus!”

“I’m stressed out staying at home!”

“I need a gym!”

Napoleon Hill was right when he said the average human being looks for a bazillion and one different reasons and EXCUSES not to do the thing – and take the easy way out and then piss and moan later.

Well, my friend that’s certainly an option for you if you want to live in fear and frustration for the rest of your lives.

But if you’re part of the elite group that actually takes stock of your situation – and actually DOES SOMETHING, well, then it’s all the more reason to avoid people in general these days.

And these meaningless discussions, as they do nothing but waste time and energy.

Unless you’re discussing with, as a friend recently said, THINKERS.

And it is for you thinkers and DOERS that the forum on the 0 Excuses SHIP was created, my friend.

Some have complained it ain’t cheap, and it probably isn’t if all you’re concerned about is dollars at this point.

But if you’re of the view that money is attracted to good things and the sooner you put yourself on the latter half of that equation as opposed to the former, well, then – and again – I’m here for ya, my friend!

And that’s it for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Would you believe, every time I ask people to form a WRITTEN response consisting of their “logic”, I get either crickets or brickbats, hehe. How “sensible” is that? You be the judge!

P.S #2 – By the way if your kids are going bonkers during the lockdown (mine recently tore the legs off a table, hehe) then get them started on Kiddie Fitness – NOW –

P.P.S – And there is no point “trying to make people believe”, my friend. Those that don’t want to (or are content to be conditioned – the wrong way) or those that seem unwilling to accept simple facts like certain governments in the world DO care for their citizens more than others (it’s amazing how people have been conditioned to believe “it’s the same everywhere”) WILL be. There’s nothing you can do for these people, my friend except move ahead with YOUR life. Trust me on this one – it’ll save ya a lot of wasted time either now or down the road!

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