Have THEY actually DONE it themselves?
- A bit of a reality check, and then some!

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Todays post might come across as extremely scathing to some, and REALITY to a few others . . .

And if you’re in the know, then, well, you will KNOW what I mean.

All these people running around (the so called gurus) that claim to have “been there and done that”, and yet when you ask them a few questions – – when you try and figure out what exactly they’ve actually been through . . . guess what you find.

A gigantic bunch of LIES for the most part.

Case in point being a friend of mine that claims he put himself through college, pays his own bills etc and claims that “I’m a one man show with no contacts” that doestn know what the heck I’m talking about.

Despite the fact that this person has never done anything worth of note in his entire life other than show up and “teach English based upon NOT his qualifications, but the COLOR of his SKIN” (and no, I’m not going to rant about ESL here – that is for another post).

This guy hasn’t paid his credit card bills or student loans in ages, if at all, and is hoping for it to “be wiped off his record”

He bashes Donald Trump galore, and yet is the first in line to get the stimulus check.

He rants about American being “doomed” (his exact words were “China is doing a great job! Better hope the US has a good plan!”) due to the COVID19, and yet, when it comes time to apply for visas to other countries or even financial help, guess who he “leans upon”.

You got it.

His country.

If there ever was another definition of HYPOCRITE, I’m yet to hear it!

He lives on his girlfriend while professing to run a business, and  . . . ah, but you get the drift!

Closer to home, my Dad always told me that he was a “business owner” that started his business up from the “ground up”.

When we were growing up, we had NO idea of what our Dad did (other than the above line) and any time any questions were asked about finances etc, or about his job in general, all we got was “I’m the boss!” and nothing else (and a stern rebuke if any even remotely financial question was asked).

Years later, I was to find out that this was UNTRUE – at least the “founding” part of it.

True, he was one of the CORE members in his company and has been there since the inception (while the rest all bailed a certain point, hehe)  – but he didn’t by any means START the company.

And there was always a big boss above him.

When yours truly went to college, there were no student loans or “help” available of any nature.

Sure, I got a partial scholarship but that was based upon my own merit – NOT something that was “given to me”.

And when there were problems – or issues such as the dorms shutting down over Spring Break, for instance, guess what yours truly did.

There was no home to go home to. There was no “home cooked” food to eat, or financial support etc.

No – yours truly shacked up a motel with whom the University had an agreement with at the time (reduced rates etc which were taken out of the payment made to the “residence association” initially if I’ve got it right).

When I first started my 0 Excuses Fitness business (actually, this holds true for WAY back in the day when I started www.rahulmookerjee.com) a friend of mine took one look (he didn’t even look at it, to be honest – his first thought was “how much money is he making off it”) and said –

“That will never succeed! You’ll require 10 years to get it going!”

This person works in a family owned business, and anytime he needs help – or support – guess what. His family is always there for him.

He never gets the “you could never do this” thing thrown at him all the time . . . more to the point, this person did NOT build the family business from scratch. I believe it was his grandfather that did that, and this is the same person that keeps asking me to “work for him” – a job which he knows and I knows I’d absolutely DESPISE and abhor.

“Well, it pays the bills” was what he told me one time a few years back . . .

“And as for what I want to do? My own dreams?”

Crickets, and derision of course (albeit in this case unsaid, hehe).

And no, I’m not blasting any of these people from doing what they had to, and did.

I’m blasting them because it is THESE very people that have always told me “I was no good” and so forth – – and more to the point, YOU who is trying to achieve any REAL SUCCESS in life (note, I mean REAL) has probably experienced much of the same from friends and family at some point or the other.

Has the burning question ever stuck in your mind – has HE ever done it himself?

HE may rant about success, but has HE been put through the grind, or is he being as of NOW?

Often times the answers are a massive no.

But look at any TRULY successful person,  and chances are they’re not going to tom tom their “I did it myself” story – instead, they just did it, and now everyone knows their story!

I sure don’t tom tom the fact that I’ve never ever got much support from friends and family – – and when I DID, there were always STRINGS of some nature attached.

And that is fine.

Ain’t nothing free in life, my friend . . .

But when these same people rant up and down about success, and “what to do in life” and give me a whole bunch of UNSOLICITED advice is when I feel compelled to come out and say what I am.

Henry Ford for one was in positions throughout his life until his mid 40’s, where there was nothing but rejection and scorn EVERYWHERE he turned.

Rejection. Scorn. Backruptcy. And so forth.

Napoleon Hill too. Edison at a certain point. And truth be told, I don’t know a single person that hasn’t truly been beaten down several times and somehow managed to find it in him to get up and keep going that has achieve any sort of LASTING success, my friend.

I can relate – that’s for sure!

And last, but not least, when you look at “the others getting it easily in life” – while you’re struggling, and it all seems “unfair” – well – remember this.

Ain’t nothing free in life, my friend.

Emerson said it best when he said there was a silent third party that governed EVERY human transaction – and that the SPOILS (or the opposite) are ALWAYS PAID OUT – with compound interest at that.

And if you look at what is happening globally as of 2020, well, you don’t have to look very far to see the truism of this.

As long as you’re true to yourself – and keep going – and as long as you DO the thing – and keep FAITH – and hope – you truly CANNOT lose, my friend, and that is just a fact!


Rahul Mookerjee

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