“You’re always so positive!!”

Thus cameth the comment from Madam Tracy, her of the “India man hot” fame …

And I have NO doubt that my “positivity” (to be honest, I was just being ME and not trying to be positive or whatever) contributed a lot to the “hot” comment, especially given yours truly wasn’t (at least in yours truly’s eyes) anywhwere near “hot” at that point.

But as I say so often, and it’s a tagline on the other site, it’s all about the MIND my friend.

It’s all about what lies within (workout wise too – that why I do things the way I do ’em!).

As I recently posted on LinkedIn in response to a comment from an “older” lady who certain bozos are hitting on (seems the vast majority of guys are using all social media as Tinder these days – o rshould I say “bozo guys” – – certainly NOT all guys fall into that bracket!) … and it’s pissing her off.

Big time.

And in response to her rant, I mostly agreed with her (she was right – nothing is more annoying than some bozo you dont even know messaging you out of the blue with inane rubbish to be honest) – and replied that

“Beauty is inded in the eyes of the beholder”.

Perhaps so thinks Madam Tracy, hehe.

Anyway … point of this?

Can be hard to stay positive and upbeat at the best of times my friend. Especially if you’re not trodding the beaten path (and if you aren’t, you KNOW what I mean!).

But it can be done equally easily if you know HOW.

And while my book Zero to Hero doesnt contain the how’s of this in a proper manner (that is more focused on the “what to do”) – the how is something I’ve written about, and in the book I give you an example of the most PURE form of joy I’ve ever seen.

And thats what really the how boils down to and what matters.

Now, the other “how’s?” or the “what’s”, actually?

Well, everything that I keep writing about.

Remove that which you don’t want from your life, and be unapolegetic (to yourself too!) abuot doing so. Without fear, without regrets.

When life hits you in the gut – hit i tback with VIM, VERVE, VIGOR AND GUSTO – in the solar plexus and keep on keeping on no matter how impossible the final goal might be.

Stay focused on the end goal, not where you logically think you are now, or where the Bozo Glyn Scofield’s of this world rant about, hehe.

And more. Visualization. Past bests, and thinking about them/

Mirror technique. And much, much more, and I’ve written all about them.

Perhaps I’ll do up another book on “Zero to Hero”, and will give you more details there!

For now though, remember too, that the MIND can only function when the BODY is functioning at its best.

And for that, a PROPER fitness system that works you from the inside out is required.

Believe you me, when you get on some of these workouts, you’ll be radiating positivity and attracting the same to you without even knowing it!

And thats what it’s all about my friend.

All for now – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is the link for that BEST damned fitness system I “rant” about so much – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

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