I know today was going to be a HINDU SQUAT day!

The minute I wrote to you about thise brief workouts, I knew today was gonna be the day I got BACK into Hindu squats after a break

(not to mention what I’v ebeen writing about muscle memory as of late).

Im sweating.

Im breathing deeply.

My legs feel like jelly, and I almost fell over. I DISREGARDED some of my own advice, and I’ll probably be super sore as a result!

But really, bro.

(the soreness part – from someone that worked up to 500 per workout and sometime sin a set when making the 0 Excuses Fitness videos!)

My workout – the squat part of it – which taxed the entire body took about 4 minutes.

A far cry from the 2:50 I normally take (or took) – back inthe day when I did these regularly, and I have no doubt I’ll be back at that number in the next workout (see what I wrote about muscle memory).

When doing these though, most people focus on REP counts.

Big mistake.

It’s fine to aim for high reps.

But when you start, and really all the time, focus more on BREATHING. And FORM!


This along with other details that makes this ancient Indian exercise so great, and used by the Gama and other wrestlers of prodigy all over the world makes the workout WORTH IT.

And gets the upper body into it.

As an aside, the Gama once took part in a wrestling competition with adult wrestlers in a Maharaja’s court in ancient India.

He was 10 or so.

And he outdid all the other wrestlers over a period of a few hours.

And, he couldn’t walk for the next week, hehe.

SO SORE will these make out regardless of your fitness levels that I advise you to work up to them very carefully indeed in the System!

I’m off to do som ehandstands now.

4 minutes.

Probaby another 3 or 4 tops for the handstand pushups.

And I’m done for the day.

Better workout than a lot get in hours.

Can’t beat that now, can we!!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can pick up the best damned fitness system ever!

PS #2 – Hindus lend themselves GREAT to isometrics.

I repeat. GREAT.

But I didnt include this in the new book on isometrics.

Because I dont want you to try them the way I do, and not be able to take a dump without holding on to something, hehe. Believe me, these make you so sore even “getting down to sit down” can be a chore for some of you!

So that will be in the advanced course on this – for now, enjoy the REGULAR course.