Huff, Puff and BUFF!
- Choose one (and "blow" the house "down" if you so choose, hehe). Hey. ..

Let’s say you gotta choose one out of the three.

No combo.

You either huff. Or you puff. Or you get BUFF for the ladies and bros (if thats your thang, hehe, and many secretly … ah, but we won’t go there on this one ;-)).

Now, I’ll give you two more examples.

Or choices.

Today’s workout for me involved (again) THREE things.

Jumping rope.

Pull-ups (lots!)

And handstands/handstand pushups (not as many).

Thats IT.

It didnt make me “look” any buffer than before, if I ever was “buff”.

I puffed up a storm though, and I certainly huffed.

I didnt puff and BUFF Tho, hehe. No six pack for the beach rubbish!

Second choice, the hour long “pump” workout at the gym.

“Pump them BICEPS, BROOOOOOOOOOO”, I can hear them saying!

Or the idiotic “after a pump” photos.

(A pump that fades away hours later).

(as those of you that puff and buff KNOW, hehe).

Then of course you got the bozos on steroids or “performance enhancers” or “muscle builders” as they call it.

Those mammoth puffy buffy muscles look good in a T shirt on occasion (not to me though – UGH. I’d rather the Greek God picture HERE).

(Or men in general before the 1960’s…)


But anyway, those puffy buffy muscles fade away too, and even more spectacularly once the “enhancing stops”.

I’ll giv eyou another choice here.

HANDSTAND pushups as your muscle enhancer over your ENTIRE body to pack on ROCK SOLID Muscle that does NOT, I repeat, NOT fade away!

That dont mean you can do ‘em once and forget about ‘em.


But it does mean ,it’s real muscle, and muscle that lasts.

As an aside, my daughter is getting on these two – the push up part – and she’s enjoying it. Get ‘em started young as they say, hehe, and LEAD by EXAMPLE – and that holds doubly true for kiddie fitness.

Alright, brah. I’m out for now. The choice is yours (and I’ve made mine, hehe).


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I ROCKED through my 60 pull-ups today using a secret mentioned in Pull-ups – – from STUD to SUPER STUD. Truly a course that gets the bozos (Scofield’s) ANGRY and RAVING MAD (as if he wasn’t a prime candiate for the Hannibal Cage anyway, hehe) – the bros at the gym “pooh pioohing” yet secretly WATCHING, and people in general looking at you in AWE once you do these – and get good at ‘em – which don’t take long at all if you do things the way yours truly does – and once you, and here i sthe point get to SUPER STUD level at them.

I repeat. SUPER STUD.

Grab this now, my man. NOW!

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