Why I categorically refuse to use Freakbook despite having two company pages and over 10 k followers
- For those that say it's all about $$????

Lot of idiots and Bozos have come at me as of late saying “I only want money!”

And that “my business was set up only to make money!”

Which the second one is the most profoundly idiotic statement ever made.

Every business is set up to make money, my friend. Or so it should, as far as I know, or why would it be set up!

Even Bozo’s business he claims is charity out the ass (basically he cons gullible Chinese women (the younger lot) into thinking he goes to Socksford and can help them acclimitize in the UK or what not and extorts money from them on that pretext – and the older ones he licks ass and claims “I love you” or some inane rubbish and they fall for it) … is anything BUT CHARITY.

I might get called out by women in general for not saying “I love you enough” (though the notches tell a different story!)

But hey.

I’m honest.

I dont believe in BS that doesnt come until “the real thing”.

But anyway, this isn’t about love. It’s about business!

And speaking of Bozos, sometimes (as I said yesterday to a select bunch of people) – I wonder if he’s even really “from the UK” as he claims. Personally I think with the numerous times his Chinese visa got rejected, all the deportations and overstays etc and his Nigeria like accent (which is REALLY hard to understand) … personally, with all the fake passport scams around China in particular for now, because of foreign devils that want to “claim they’re from some country to get dancing monkey jobs” …

I mean, I don tknow.

Charles saw his passport.

I haven’t.

But, that could well be a fake passport (from what I hear Charles had to once withold the Bozo’s passport to get him to return over 10 K of cash he owed him).

What a fellow, really. Horrible fellow!

Anyway, back to biz. And freakbook.

And ole “Mark Zucko Sucko” up ass as well.

I’ve got over 10,000 followers on Facebook, my friend – for all three of my company pages (one not so heavily promoted, but the other two are).

Two of those followers are the Bozo, but that still leave 9998 I think …

And yet, despite my recent “getting back on social shedia”, Freak-book?

No way!

What happened was this – last year, I believe October 2020, a person from China (or so she claimed) posted something about “the rest of the world are idiots, the Chinese are the real smart ones” (paraphrasing) – along with graphic images and screenshots.

Naturally, I responded – with force.


Of course, ole Zucko and team banned my post.

I never used Facebook after that, and never will until Zucko Sucko is not there any longer.

I mean, goose and gander!

Even Twitter and LinkedIn are better about this – at least until now … although the latter, not so much anymore.

I still dont know who the person is. It’s hard to believe she was from China, but a troll – yes. Paid troll?

HEll yes!

In 2019, I got a message from a “beautiful girl on WeChat”.

Out of the blue.

Bozo would have dropped to his knees.

First thing she said – and asked – and inferred?

“You from USA!”

And then .. .

“China will destroy your country!”

These troll attacks, my friend, on WeShat are very common, especially upon those of us that wear our hearts on our sleeves.


Not fake Bozo passport holders (wherever the fake one is that he’s holding now to infest ole Blighty).

But anyway – goose and gander, to me.

It’s one thing China not allowing it on their social media. Their playing field as it were and if they want to keep things closed and unfair and no competition it will bite THEM in the ass ultimately.

Thats just why, for instance, no-one really talks about Baidu as being a global search engine outside China.

In China, it’s the real deal.

Because Google never got to expand there!

Hence, zero competition .. and a shoddy product. Simple economics, and thats why I laugh at people like Bozo Butts for instance, that claim “China is a capitalist country with free market” (it’s anything but).

And again thats fine.

But Freak-book?


I refuse to kow tow to them.

Despite having over 10,000 followers there. Despite maybe losing a bit of biz here or there.

To me, it’s about PRIDE HONOR – and DIGNITY.

I will NOT compromise on doing the RIGHT THING.

And that to me is yet another reason why I constantly support Amazon – but not the big three social she-dia companies.

Lots of people talk about Jeff’s divorce, his wife being a philanthropist and more (and she recently got cheated there too!).

But does anyone even acknowledge that it’s JEFF that was the biggest charity donor by far globally in 2020?

Does Jeff ever Tom Tom it?


He’s the richest man in the world.

And yet … he’s not forgotten how he got there.


And that, my friend, is why I don’t use Freakbook – for those that have asked.

And won’t until the above resolves …


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – All of this aside, be sure and pick up Isometric And Flexibility Training here – more rave reviews on the way!

(Portugese translation was done, but dude never uploaded the pictures, and I’m still waiting, hehe).

PS #2 – I appealed the decision to Zucko the Sucko’s team, but they never got back. So typical!

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