The old man in China pointing to the “vacum” where my stomach “was” – and more!
- Lots to talk about!

Do y’all that have been with me for YEARS – ages – remember my tales about the old man in China I met in 2014 while climbing the hill?

I’ve spoken of him before HERE.

I’ve spoken of him HERE.

And likely many other places not mentioned in this email.

The guy I met climbing the hill at an advanced age of 70 plus – the guy who I used to see trapising off to the hill in sunglasses on HOT afternoons – though he went around 4 PM, not quite the cauldron I trained in around 2 – while I’d go off to work or whatever I was doing …

The guy who I didnt talk a LOT to, but the guy who I have immense respect for!

And you’ll understand why after reading the two above posts.

I haven’t seen him in a while, and I hope he’s well, wherever he is.

(Probably still climbing the hill at that time, hehe. He’s a soldier!)

Anyway in 2018, I think … I finished my Battletank Shoulders! workout.

I started at 2 PM. Hottest part of the day in summer. Fingers could barely grip the THICK bars I was using outdoors, the metal was HOT!

And then it was off to the hill – but not just the hill.

As I climbed the hill – halfway – I didnt ascend all the way.

I went back DOWN it.

And then I started my … well, what would eventually become Advanced Hill Training workouts!

Around 415 or so, I was once doing these workouts, bear crawling and crab walkin gmy way up the hill (believe me, it’s NOT easy doing that anyway – even if you’re fit as a fiddle – but after a long Battletank Shoulders workout – well – thats extreme x 10!).

And I saw the old man in China pointing at me , walking down the hill.

First thing he did?

Was point at my stomach in a “where is it” sort of manner.

Remember, when I met him, I wasn’t in the best of shape – certainly not Glyn Bozo like phat phocker, but not the machine I am now.

And I’ll still remember what he said.

“Hao li hao!”

(Very good in Chinese!)

His meaning was, “the vacum where my stomach was” – and I wasn’t even on the vacum exercise I so teach in Corrugated Core (and it performs wonders, trust me) …

Anyway, a month or so later I Came out with the course i.e. Advanced Hill Training.

But I always thought “what if” this could be taken to the next level – WITHOUT HILLS!

Something that you could do in your own home – flat or not – something that would be even quicker than what I teach now – and uber TOUGH-  and something that would turn you into the animal and beast you were always meant to “that resides within” (despite age, energy, everything!).

Last year, I came out with what I personally consider to be one of my best courses – better than even Isometric and Flexbility Training which most people are raving about.


Highly acclaimed course and has gotten many a phat phock into the best shape of their lives – nigh QUICK!

And it’s a course that requires not just no equipment, but can be done in one single room – a jail or looney tune bin (i fyou’re the Bozo, hehe) cell – or anywhere you have a few square feet of space.

It doesn’t have a single pushup, pull-up, or handstand in it.

Yet, these exercises are so tough that advanced Crossfitters and fitness trainees alike fall flat on their faces – or butts the first time they try it.

And believe me, it takes a long, long time for them to work up to the actual workouts I teach in the book!

A very long time indeed!

And it gets folks into top shape – quick.

Simple as that.

Today, as I sit here, looking at the HARDCOVER version – recently released, I was thinking – ruminating – and cannot help but MARVEL at this book.

As I did at the sales that poured in recently for the Glynbozo sale we had – as promised , gone NOW – but it was a huge success – thanks to all that “stepped up to the plate!”

And as the Bozo himself, he’s been displaying an odd interest in the book page.

Ugh. I dont think I need to tell you the reason why?

A black friend of mine (apparently Glyn was pestering him about how lovely his butt looked during “sex” or some nonsense – apparently he was the “Peeping Tom” was Glyn)  chortled about the “silver back Gorilla, and “cuckolded Bozo”” thing.

“Sometimes its a catch 22. Best not go there”, he chortled.

Indeed, I guffawed back.

“One of those damned if you say it, damned if you don’t” kinda things… LOL.

I think you on this list will well understand, given the Bozo’s fascination with “humps” why he’s so into the “cover”.

Of course, he trolled the book way before the hardcover was out, hehe.

Quite the nutter is Schofield…

His latest capers after signing me up for liposuction, and ” grafting fat from stomach to create a bigger butt” (yes, actual companies like this exist apparently) is to now go to dating sites and use my picture, and masquerade as Rahul Mookerjee.

Given the giggles I’ve gotten privately, poor Bozo can’t even do that well.


But really, my friend, if you’ve been putting this off i.e. the Animal Kingdom Workouts purchase – and I KNOW FOR A FACT MANY OF YOU HAVE!! – get this now.

Truly a Collector’s Edition, and EVERY serious fitness enthusiast should have this – preferably in HARDCOVER – right by their bedside – or in the gym – or bookshelf – everywhere!

Oh, and the cover is the same – for all versions, i.e. Kindle (we have it in both Kindle and PDF format – choose the right option on the sales page) – paperback – and HARDCOVER!

I better say “h cover” or under cover, the Bozo be listening. Hehe.

Hard, covers…

But anyway, same cover, but for the hardcover, truly a MEGAMOTH – I just increased the size of the graphics etc to really make the book “stand out more” – pun NOT intended.

Just all adds to the glory and – even if I say so myself- TOWERING SUPREMACY AND GLORY! – of this very best book I’ve ever written.

Get this NOW, my friend. You, the SERIOUS Fitness enthusiast at ANY level will love this – and benefit from it like NOTHING ELSE you’ve ever done.

And really, if you’re serious about fitness, and at the risk of sounding like a stuck record – this, my friend, is a must have.

If falls into the “not” category, you simply aren’t “really” serious about your health or fitness, its that simple, because trust me, to get into top shape quick – NOTHING beats the routines herein.

I’m out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee