When explaining the most BASIC of things can be a hassle like none other.
- Ugh!

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Sometimes, you just gotta wonder and think.

I feel this way a lot of times in China – more so in India, and other parts of the subcontinent (when I’m here).

Every time I say this i.e. that “explaining the most basic of things” lik e”blue eyes doesnt mean you’re from the West” or some nonsense, you hear furious retorts from idiots being shamed for their stupidity.

Remember, with me, I say ONE word – it cuts DEEP.

I sure do GET TO THE POINT – DRIVE IT IN DEEP! No puns on that last one, or maybe there are, I dont know, hehe.

TIC , as I often say. This is China!

Or, TII – This is India!

Man, I’ve heard the above two so often.

TIB is something I’ve coined myself though apparently and ain’t never heard before.

“This is Bangladesh”.

Apparently, Andrew, a friend of mine is renting a place with some friend’s help or something – an admittedly ABSYMAL apartment – but apparently he’d rather be there than in good ole Australia (dont ask me, I can’t figure out why people want to lose their dignity, but hey! – like I said in that email, to each his own) … dealing with conditions (living conditions) y’all would expect in a fourth world country or worse.

(Not saying Bangladesh is that or whatever, but hey – facts are facts – if someone doesn’t like me saying it, welll….!)

Apparently the landlord told him that the deal he has i.e. paying rent, or his friends helping him with rent, or whoever finally pays – means – he shares his living space with others – that dont pay rent.

Bathroom, kitchen, what not.

Apparently they can just walk in and “they own the place” basically.

Which just sounds so insane to me!

But, it reminds me of what happened in China in 2019 to me, where the neighbors were putting their shoe rack – overflowing with Shoes – Glyn Bozo would have gone straight to work, hehe, paradise for him, nothing but ladies shoes galore! …. in MY space.

(I used it to write a book on Miss X, hehe, except she doesn’t know it. Actually, she was pretty cool, so was Summer ultimately…) 

(nothing if not the shameless opportunist am I eh. Hey.)

Four apartments, common shared area, except they took both their space and mine.

Yours truly noted this when he moved in.

I didnt complain, figuring they would do the right thing.

They never do, do they.

One day, I got the red ass.

I complained to my neighbor a certain “Miss Summer” about it.

The response was predictable!

“You always complain!”

(I didnt. HEhe).

“They have family, so they need!”

“They ladies!”

(these two unsaid – basically her point was “it is what it is”).

No, it ain’t either.

I bitched up a storm to my landlady, threatened NOT to pay my utilities, and eventually, despite my landlady trying to coerce me to pay first and she’d solve the problem later, problem solved FIRST.

Trust me, there is a way to handle these things!

And it’s insane.

If I am paying for space, I dont give a rats ass how many other people need it.

It’s MINE – I’ll Tom Tom it, I’ll pay for it, me and ME ALONE will live there, no-body else!

(I mean, dont get me wrong – as I told Charles, its one thing if they ASK ME nicely first, I’ll probably let them do it then, if I want, but thats teh point, I aint gonna be forced!)

Thats what I told my landlady

Maybe it ticked her off, and Summer too.

But families or not, problem solved the next day.

Thing is, I’m legal, of course.

With Andrew’s dodgy visa status, though I dont know, he could be legal too, who knows -but it sounds lik ethey’re taking advantage of him big time (not like he doesnt know Asia, so there is something going on here!) …

I had a contract, if they didnt follow it, I’d raise all sorts of hell with the China authorities about it and WIN.

Even though people think foreigners can never win – OH YES, they can!

Assuming they’re legal, of course.


Miss Yiyi’s car just got hit by some Bozo not carrying insurance, so she is flustered today. No real updates on that, except…

… I remember an incident in 2015 where some idiot did the stop and start too often on a busy highway in … I dont know, Guizhou I think, with Carol – and my foot finally slipped, and I just GRAZED his car.

Carol had insurance (her car).

We didnt call the cops though, I’ll let you figure out why. HEhe.

(I had a HK driving license and yes, foreign devils can drive in China).

I’ll let you figure out – special prize for the first one that does!

And of course, the guy fleeced us big time.

Took 500 yuan for like 50 worth of so called damage, but we paid up anyway .

We had to. Hehe. Well, we didnt, but thats another tale!

Anyway, explaining the most basic of things can often be a massive hassle.

Here’s an email I just got :

Hello sir
My name is <chopped - was it Glyn??>
Please suggest me ways to find true fitness

Some things, you really … Ugh.

Now, I could send him the link for the System, etc, all a massive waste of time, timewaster – another one, and he’s being BLOCKED right now.

But even they have their uses, as I said on another site recently. . .

Anyway, I had to get that off my chest.

I just did that, SO …

All for now – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Poor “Brum” city council, Bozo has been spamming them apparently as of late too, ugh.

First the sewers clogged in Brum with Bozo sitting in them, now this. Truly insane!

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