Merry Christmas to all of you!
- And, best wishes for a prosperous, and HAPPY new year (and holiday season).

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So, first off – Merry Christmas, everyone – whether you celebrate it or not?

Keeping in line with my atheist tendencies – I do not celebrate any festival per se, but I’m all for festive cheer, enjoying the holiday – and more “few cold ones”. Hehe.

So – Merry Christmas to everyone out there – and have a very happy and prosperous New Year as well!

It’s that time of the year – or will be soon.

“Crazy year” I can hear many saying – many of these same people were saying “2021 will be much better” at the end of 2020.

Unfortunately, the grand plan was designed to last for five years, I dont think anything will change until 2025 – until and unless YOU, and everyone my friend stops buying into the panic mentality – and as of now, that isn’t happening.

I’ve written enough about it, of course, but lets hear what a great customer from the UK John Walker had to say on this!

There is not much to report, life just seems to have degenerated into one long round of Covid19 mutated variants that the world’s governments are using as an excuse to control and manipulate their populations, the trouble is the majority of these people actually believe that it’s all about their governments doing their best to “keep them safe” from this deadly virus that is going to kill them if they don’t follow their orders and keep getting jabbed when instructed to.

How long will it take before people realise that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of madness???

Now, my own views on this are very well known, so I thought I’d tell y’all what OTHERS are saying – people with sense, people that workout hard, people that have “been in the trenches” as John have – people that have been in Cliffhanger situations – in other words, real men.

Omnicron aint even over, now we got Delta-con, coming up (ok, I know, Demicron, but I couldn’t resist putting in the “con” word there hehe) – I mean, give me a fucking break.

Anyway, he’s referring to Einstiens definition of insanity up there, and in this case, I completely agree.

Try telling that to the sheeple though.

Sometimes, you gotta persist and wait for the fruits of your labor to bear fruit – that is different. You keep doing the thing over and over again in that case too, but you do it differently each time, but mindless lining up to be controlled more and more everytime, as I told John “everything can be earned/gotten, but once freedom is taken away, or starts to be taken away – THAT is a slippery slope to be beware of!” 

Thank “God” for the 2nd Amendment, or whichever it is which gives those of us in the US the right to bear firearms. ‘Twas done for a reason despite what a lot of the rest of the world and Hiden Biden keep squawking about “guns are not needed!” – oh YES, they damn well ARE.

I mean when you have illegals lining up to vote (apparently the case in NY City’s elections!) – and legal folks and citizens are practically barred from owning firearms up there while the criminals run riot – you know something is seriously wrong!

there are migrants arriving here every damn day from there and there has been well over 24,000 this year already and the year is not over yet.

All they have to do is get half way across the English Channel and then call the coast guard to say their in trouble and they’re automatically rescued and brought ashore where they’re put up in 4 star hotels at the tax payers expense and no one seems capable to do anything to stop them.

If you got to France you jump on an inflatable dingy and when you got rescued you could just say that you’re fleeing the Taliban in Afghanistan and they’ll let you stay here no problem at all.

Just sad, ain’t it, the way borders everywhere have been thrown WIDE open to illegals – what is happening on the US Mexico “border” (I use quotes for a reason) is a prime example.

Nothing wrong with legal immigration, it helps a country, but the illegals basically siphon off it and destroy it (barring a few rare exceptions) .. pity thats become the norm now!

Anyway – back to fitness.

John’s been watching the Youtube Channel I recently “reinvigorated”.

Despite me saying I wouldn’t do it, I reversed my decision I did it.

Despite me NOT liking videos that much unless and until absolutely essential … despite me hating the dumbphone addiction and so forth … so why?

Well, thats what people are watching!

Videos, pictures, its insane, but if thats what a lot of people want, well, I’ll give ’em that too – so if you ain’t subscribed to the channel, do so NOW. Plenty more great stuff on the way soon.

I’ve seen some of your YouTube videos, I hope you don’t mind me saying this but you actually look quite ill in them, are you okay? Maybe the lighting is not great, anyway are you now going to be doing these on a regular basis? I thought that you were against doing anything on YouTube after you stopped making the last lot of videos a couple of years ago.

Now, that was interesting, the ill comment!

At first I thought he meant “stress showing on my face”, or “haggard” or so forth, but that didnt seem quite right.

Still, I asked him which video he was referring to.

It’s just how pale you look in your videos that had me worried, I mean man, you look whiter than me.



Back when yours truly took the videos, when my wife said “you look 13-15 in those videos!” … 

She said it in a manner that implied that wasn’t exactly a good thing if you get my drift, but if you think about it – a 37 year old man looking years younger than his age, is that a bad thing?

I think NO. Hehe.

That is what REAL training, regular hard training, a “mgtow” life – and a halfway decent living arrangement will do for a man!

Anyway, the “pale” thing – I’ve always been “fair skinned” (to the point Glyn Bozo calls me “ugly Paki”. Poor chappie, Glyn, lol. Last I heard he was found “neck deep” in some rubbish ban outside some bar in Brum, drunk and starving apparently) … and when I did the “13-15 year old videos”?

I was climbing hills on a daily basis for three – four hours daily – in the Southern China sun.

16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections tells you just how HOT it was, so have I in many of my posts. And emails!

Like sub tropical heat, sun blazing down one minute, then the rains pour down, the next minute, sun’s out again, hot, steamy, tropical – just like described in James Hadley Chase’s “The Vulture is a Patient Bird“.

Try working out in that type of weather. It ain’t easy, bro.

And it gets results.

So thats why ..

And perhaps the lighting in the initial videos wasn’t that great, so I looked darker plus the tan …

Anyway, great to hear back from you, John!

He’ll be sending over some great reviews for 0 Excuses Fitness, “Pull-ups – from STUD to Super STUD within WEEKS!” – and “Profound “70% Human 30% Gorilla” Handstands” very soon too – stay TUNED for that.

Enjoy thy Christmas – and make sure to …

Eat more, and weigh … LESS!

Hehe , or should I say Ho, Ho, Ho!


Rahul Mookerjee

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