Going the extra mile and then some.
- Thank you Paula - and all of YOU!

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Truly gladdens the “cockles of my heart”, as a certain great PG Wodehouse would say, when it comes to comedy – slapstick humor and ole school British comedy, he does it the best, better than anyone else could, true LEGEND – respect!!!!!!!!

I’ve said this before, of course.

But this email is not about comedy. It’s about a topic which is the polar opposite in many regards – an “adult” oriented topic at that. Hehe.

And some of the “going the extra mile” my readers – and people that work for me do – well truly – and this without complaining, whining, moaning and so forth – there is truly a lesson to be learnt for the average Joe or Jane from all of this!

Lets take Paula, a reader – and then a translator for some of my books (erotica themed).

Ive mentioned her here before, of course..

But today she got back to me with another review  of a book I wrote – another adult themed book, and one in which “chastity” i.e males (or females, for that matter) remaining celibate plays a part.

The hows and why’s aren’t important here.

Neither does it have any bearing to my own tendency to remain “celibate” for  long periods, the book deals with involuntary chastity in that “the guy gets off on forced to be chaste” (even though it’s an agreement made in the bedroom, as it were).

Domination, submission, the MENTAL game as it were…

And in the long and accurate review she did up for the book, she actually went out of her way to put in a review about some of the devices these guys “get off” on wearing.

Again, specifics NOT important.

But when I first read the review, I was like damn, Paula, I dont think you wore that yourself – therefore the review must be from SOMEONE?

I thought she perhaps got it off the company site, but upon asking – no – she specially sought out and interviewed a guy “just for me” – the sake of the review!

Might not seem like a big deal eh?

But bear in mind, in today’s world where people are trying to get by with the BARE minimum of effort extended, a lot of my readers, and then translators are doing the OPPOSITE – often and most of the time for the “long game” and even no immediate pay (more on that later).

Think about it.

She sought out a guy just for the purpose of a REVIEW, and to make the review more meaningful to future readers – shows the level of utter and sheer dedication she has to her WORK – much like Daniela, another reader and translator who my “recommendation” helped find a job as it were – good on her!

She went to the extent of emailing me every time she had a doubt about a native English phrase such as “tugga”, hehe – no, not the sort of Tugga Ice Man Steve Waugh (old time aussie cricketer) was called or why, hehe.

But again, dedication.

Dani wasn’t being paid at the time for what she was doing, she LOVED doing it, and in her own words “she learned a lot from the books”.

And anyone that has translated KNOWS that its not exactly the easiest to maintain the original meaning of the text while translating into another language.

Not just women either in case you’re wondering, I’ve had male readers exactly the same.

As dedicated, super so – like what I Said about hardship in the last email cutting across race, nationality, culture, nations etc – same thing for dedication to your work and more importantly true and real interest in it that just cannot be faked, period.

Bear in mind, neither one of these two girls nor any of the other guys I have not mentioned as yet “had to” go the extra mile, they could simply “do their job and be done with it” and I would not complain.

Yet, they didn’t.

They went the extra mile when they did NOT have to.

A key ingredient for their future success too, and it means the world to me personally when someone does that for me in terms of work they’re doing for me!!

Same thing holds true for your fitness, friend.

ARE you willing to go the extra mile – wake up when no-one else does and GET her done regardless?

ARE you willing to give your last rep its all – and then some? And then do another in perfect form?

ARE you willing to cut past the BS and make sure to get good – damn good – at ANY exercise you do?

ARE you willing to make sure that FORM is the most important thing you focus on during your workouts?

Just a few sample questions these, you could apply these to life as well.

When I have the idea to write to you, I dont care if it’s 2 AM – if it can be done then, I do it right there and then. As Napoleon Hill correctly notes in Think and Grow Rich, failure to do so i.e. act promptly upon an idea (which is usually given to other minds as well) may well be FATAL to your success.

Anyway, just thought I’d let you know.

All is not lost, even in this mamsy pamsy “feel good in a fake manner” world we live in today.

And thats that.

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – 0 Excuses Fitness should be and IS the baseline for any serious fitness system. IF you haven’t got it despite all my emails on it, get it NOW.

And do up an honest review too once you get on it!


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