Because I’m the hombre that delivers, hehe.
- YES!

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I was watching the latest Tom Cruise movie (not that I’m a fan, hehe) – “American Made” for shits and grins, mostly because of the true story (so they say) it was made upon.

Set in the 1970’s-80’s, the story if true and even if not is TRULY incredible – truly an adventure filled life. Hehe.

Which ends in jail time most likely – I’ve not seen the entire movie, but from being recruited as a slap dash flirtatious heavy drinking pilot who falls asleep half drunk after getting home ignoring his sexily dressed up wife (gotta love the dark look on Madam’s face, hehe) … I can relate to a LOT of the movie.

Though I’ve lived an adventure filled life and sure continue to, it ain’t anywhere near as shown in the movie – where the CIA recruits him, so does the Colombian (and other mafia) – they all find out about each other, incredibly, they both let him be a “double agent” (I’ve written a book by that name, hehe) …

… and I’m not sure I’d want to do anything remotely resembling what Cruise did in the movie.

But his arms – forearms, specifically stand out – I can so relate to the cords running up and down them, and the sort of heavy duty training he did for them!

Not quite Stallone like, but damn close, I’ll say that!

Good upper body development there, at least for this movie.

And I can relate to the “green eyes” (that was alan Murray who made that comment, hehe “too cool”) sunglasses he always wears. I wear mine in the rain too apparently. Hehe.

Too cool, green eyes, I still remember Alan saying.

Good man, that!

Anyway, I’ve been known to wear the Aviators a lot, even the sky blues shown in a certain 80’s flick, but this ain’t about my style or forearms.

It’s about – well, something that Cruise gets repeatedly throughout the movie.

Why people keep recruiting him?

“Because he’s the gringo that gets things DONE”.

(specifically, “because he’s the gringo that DELIVERS”.)


Same thing for yours truly fitness wise, my friend – and life wise – except I’ll replace the word gringo with hombre, come to think of it, I’ve been called gringo so  many times that … well, either would work.

But really, if you want to get the job done – and quick – and right – fitness wise?

Call this gringo – or hombre – what have you. Hehe.

He delivers like no other – and better – quicker – faster – PERIOD. NO questions asked. He ain’t too fussy either provided you DO what he tells you to !

On second thoughts, please dont.

He never answers the dadgumit phone …

He hates it. He’s sick of telling people to stop calling him and text or email – and he prefers email.

And he prefers online.

So  to get the “because it gets the job done” fitness system that will give you forearms like Rambo for one, upper body development like the Gama if you do it right, boundless energy, stamina, girls, and what not (ok, I put the girls in, hehe) – then order right – NOW.

Yes, NOW.

And go HERE To place your orders.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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