“You do 500 pushups a day and yet…”
- Hehe.

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Man, this goddamned move – never ending move apparently.

I’ve moved between countries, I’ve moved between timezones, I’v moved between cities, I’ve done it zillions of times in the past, driven U hauls up and down the damn country “learning on the fly” – in China I even apparently did it without … (ah, but thats another story for another time I’ve shared elsewhere) – but this move?

Reminds me of why I prefer my nomadic lifestyle and NEVER living in India – or with “family” – whatever that might (to me, other than daughter, its always been non existent for the most part).

I’ve never understood this inclination a lot of women have to buy useless junk – then store it for donkey’s years to gather dust, and then move it back and forth years later. Dopamine drip I get it, but to someone who has instinctively packed with economy of space his entire life – I just, ah, dont GET it …

Wife keeps complaining “thats how family life is”.

It is if you MAKE it that way, living in roach infested apartments since birth, attracting the same damned thing to yourself at age 70 plus … right down to the crows cawing.

Dont get me wrong, to me these are all signs from the Universe, but if you look at it practically…

Anyway – no sense talking to the uninitiated that dont want it, so I dont, but point being this – even the movers during the move, these dudes move heavy stuff all dang day long – were asking me if I was into strength training, did I hit the heavy bag and so forth.

I offered to help them lift stuff, and did.

I’m STILL moving boxes with all the junk Mom’s got lying around. Ugh

And I remember the days – to come soon again – when it was me and a suitcase, only moving I did was all the empties on the bedstand, hehe.

Anyway – while moving the heavy bag, which the wife wanted me to do yet again, I asked her why she didnt simply ask the movers to do it.

Of course, that did not get a logical response “you do 500 pushups a day, and yet!”

Well, the daughter picked it up and literally pushed it where it was supposed to be. “No help” she kept yelling…

And as for me, I’ve neither done 500 pushups nor have I done 500 squats over the past week, and I’m kinda RARING to get back to it – big time!

But it’s interesting, the effects of that sort of training don’t go away that easily, everyone with half a brain can “see it” – even men four times my size (literally).

(please, get your mind out of the gutter in that regard, hehe).

Anyway ..

I HIGHLY recommend you do 500 pushup and squat workouts AT LEAST once a week, if not more.

They will build strength, conditioning and health in a manner in you nothing else will or can.

And you’ve already read all the rave reviews of how these courses have literally CHANGED lives, and continue to.

Get the two courses and the baseline for them here –

Pushup central 

Squat 101 

The 0 Excuses Fitness System 

(in reverse order would be best! Hehe).

Oh, on yet another note, along with Audible, putting 100 plus books from all the businesses on there – we have also released a nice little app which will be available on the Amazon appstore shortly.  (The 0 Excuses Fitness app)

I’ll keep you posted on that as well.

For now, I’m off to renew some certificates.

Get the above courses now.

Read ’em. DO ’em. Leave a review!

And I’ll share your tales with the world!


Rahul Mookerjee

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