17,000 words and a couple of updates

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Well, dear reader, THIS is a classic case of being “in the flow” (one of many I’ve mentioned before)!

Woke up later than I expected this morning, a couple of hours later, and my first thoughts were “Ah, jeez. Am I even going to able to get it done” (it referring to a new novella I’m working upon at the moment – NOT fitness related though).

And I figured I’d get my workout in and get to it in the evening.

But life has a funny way of “happening” when your in the flow, and despite my late “arising”, and despite the fact that I had yet another crappy evening yesterday (though NOT because of my workout or something to do with me at all) – it just happened.

Before I knew it I was sitting down at the ole laptop, opened up Word, and the words just started flowing. In fact it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that while I missed my 17000 target (I am at 15,348 at this point in time) by a small margin, I did however end up writing with nary a break for three hours straight.

And that, my friends is NOT an exaggeration.

Might come as a shock to those (and here I should say the “majority of folks” )for whom writing can often be a chore, but its the exact, polar opposite for me. Put me in the Tundra and give me a laptop and internet connection (along with my trusty green tea, hehe), and I’ll write for days on end non-stop.

Would the solitude bother me? Hell no! I’d enjoy it, and I’d make sure to workout even harder during the few breaks that I took.

The above may sound strange to the average reader, and I realize that, but if your one of those that has read my other books and “is in the flow”, you’ll know what I mean.

You’ll know what it means to wake up in the morning, books seemingly having written themselves in their sleep.

You’ll KNOW what I mean about blog posts writing themselves while working out.

Anyway, I’ll get to my ~24000 word limit soon enough I suspect, but I gotta rush for the nonce. Life, uggggghhh, but so it goes …

Before I “pound out the door” though, here are the updates : One, the lady who was supposed to train with me tonight for 30 minutes, the much esteemed (in my NOT so humble opinion) Cindy, who so happily assisted me while I was getting the whole 0 Excuses fitness off the ground being the lady in question.

As I just posted on the “come train with me” page, I’m more than happy to personally train folks, though I do believe my books and videos do more than an adequate job at this.

But if you fall into the rarest of rare category that is WILLING TO DO WHAT IT takes – well – you know what to do.

Second update being that for a change, I did NOT workout in the morning as I normally do. Workout #1 was shelved temporarily in favor of the other goal of 17,000 words being achieved, and given the length of THIS post itself, I may have well got even closer to that goal.

But note I said temporarily. I’m CHOMPING at the bit right now and RARING to workout and I’ll likely get in a “combo” workout a few hours later either this evening or tonight.

When it’ll happen I cannot promise or foretell but believe you me, it WILL happen.

I make it a matter of PERSONAL pride to set goals and stick to them, and one of those being to “do something everyday”, which I keep telling everyone else to do as well.

Doesn’t have to “going for broke” each and every time, but do SOMETHING. ANYTHING.

Given how PUMPED I am right now, without doing a single movement by the way, I might just go for broke tonight.

Stay tuned!

P.S. – Health is wealth, and that, pally, IS the bottom line.  And the biggest thing you can do for your bank account at THIS point in time is to pause and ponder where you stand fitness wise. Set goals. And then TAKE ACTION. Here is the #1 step you need to take on that road: – The Book

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