10,000 words, 250 pushups plus the “10 minute’r”

Dear reader,

Well, I’m retyping this post all over again as the Internet gremlins apparently struck – AARGH!

250 pushups followed by a back bridge, and of course the aforementioned number of words as I pound out my latest novella. 10,000 words as of now, although I have ZERO doubt I’ll hit the 20,000 mark very soon, most likely tonight.

And two things that I noticed right off the BAT AFTER my workout are: –

  • My THIGHS feel swollen and worked to the bone WITHOUT doing a single squat.
  • My hamstrings are far looser than they’ve been in ages, and (although this stretch is a problem area for me) I literally FELL into the forward stretch today as if it were CHILD’s play and judging by the ease with which I did so, it WAS!

I focused on the following during my pushup work out – my goals (#1), and then (in no particular order) – my hip flexors, lower abs, UPPER BACK (YES!) and groin area.

I really, really focused on the upper back, and also the folks that inspired my latest piece (though they dont know it).

And so it goes, as the words literally write themselves, as they quite often do when I’m in the ZONE!

I’m back to writing for now. More later!


P.S. – Want to learn how focusing on the upper back during a certain exercise can literally double the flexibility in previously TIGHT hamstrings like there’s NO tomorrow – and QUICKLY?

The key is RIGHT HERE, my friend – unlock it now, and unlock them tight “hammies” – The Book

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