Squat for 10, push for 30!

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Dear reader,

I’m writing this a few hours after my last workout, and boy are my thighs SORE!

The subject line of this e-mail reads “squat for 10, push for 30”. Add about 8 letters to the numbers, and that about sums up my workout (#1) this morning.

Those letters being “minutes”.

Yes, you read that right and I’m sure it sounds strange to you. After all, squats recruit larger muscles, right? It would make sense to work them for a LONGER period of time?

Not really … not if your doing bodyweight squats the right way – the way they are SUPPOSED to be done!

I finished my squats in about 8:10, and then walked around for another minute or so before starting the pushups.

Got done with 200 TOUGHIES in about 30 minutes, including stretches after I finished and that was my workout for the day.

What a buzz – I feel alive, alive, ALIVE – and this is a few hours after the workout, and a few hours preceding workout #2 which will be a quick 15 minute routine, but will make me feel like a billion bucks after I’m done regardless.

And that, my dear reader, is how YOUR workouts should be. Short, sweet, intense, and TO THE POINT – the point being to work your muscles differently each time and yet get a great, great “cardio” workout in while you do so.

And YES, YOU – CAN – do it! Achieving high reps in exercises that look seemingly impossible may sound improbable to those of you that can barely pound out 10 regular pushups in PERFECT form right now, but believe you me, it’s very very doable indeed – if you know the right way.

That’s that for today. I’m back to my writing for now …



P.S. – What  is the “right way”? Well, it’s detailed right HERE – all the detail you’ll ever need in terms of a fitness manual – The Book


P.S #2 – My thighs feel PULVERIZED – the stair runs I did later on as a “mini-workout” of sorts didnt help either!

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