Another great one in the books!

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Dear reader,

‘Twas 12:50 P.M. and fast approaching lunch time as it were – well, for most folks, at least. I generally end up eating lunch at 5:30 P.M. because I’m usually busy writing all morning long – and when I’m in flow, NOTHING seems to matter, not even food!

You know the feeling, don’t you? That feeling of simply HAVING to “git her done”!

Sitting down at the computer and not just physically feeling the words FLOW – feeling it MENTALLY as well which is what counts at the end of the day.

Anyway, this is about my workout – which was 250 squats and 249 pushups. A “round” 499 total as it were, and probably more if you count the 10 or so pushups I did “slowly” as a “cool down” along with my stretches.

Sweat was ‘adripping everywhere, my friend. Pumped out 250 squats in less than 10 minutes, and man oh man, was I BREATHING DEEPLY!

Not to mention the “pump” I got in my shoulders – better than any artificial “pump” you can get from “blitzing and bombing” the muscle as it were and certainly better than what you’d get if you “isolate” the deltoids (big mistake, by the way – the deltoid is a complex muscle that ties into the chest as well as upper back and traps, and it should be worked as such – in conjunction with these other major muscle groups).

Anyway, I made notes during the workout as usual, and I was literally dripping sweat onto my scribbles as I wrote in a hasty, yet concise manner as I prepared to head on to the pushups.

Pounded out about 60 of these before I felt an incredible, incredible soreness in my thighs – something I had NOT felt when doing the squats.

A deep, worked to the bone sort of feeling and I’m sure I’ll be feeling it again tomorrow. In a GOOD way – and a DIFFERENT way from what I’d normally feel when doing my ALL TIME FAVORITE exercise.

That brings to mind the first time I did these squats. I thought they were easy and pounded about 25 of them before “pooh pooh”‘ing and calling it a day – and I could barely walk the next day.

Lesson learnt – do – and EXPERIENCE – BEFORE you judge!

Anyway, it’s 6:04 P.M. at the time of writing this, and the feeling still persists, hehe.

Guess that in itself means it was a great one!

And that endeth today’s “wisdom”. If you workout today – make it the BEST!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Plenty of ball busters a.k.a TOUGH workouts here – The Book


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