Well, dear reader, so it WAS ! I’m stressed for time today – does that sound familiar BTW?! – and figured I’d get in a ball-buster without really stressing myself (no pun intended) – and while that might sound strange, it IS possible.

Got through a set of 50 squats. No problemo, amigo. 50 more. And 50 more – until I got to 150.

Got through 16 regular pushups, and figured I’d make it the “16” workout. So it turned out to be, and I got through 10 sets of 16 – DIFFERENT styles of pushups, by the way, and finished off with 50 reps of my all times favorite exercise.

And boy – am I STOKED! I feel like I’m ON TOP OF THE WORLD – and that ain’t no exaggeration, pally.

Took about 30 minutes or thereabouts, by the way. Finished off with 5 minutes of stretching and a short “water” break, and I’m DONE. Ready to rock and roll as it were.

By the way, before I end this – a shout out to a “Lady E” – thank you for taking the time to apologize. It’s indeed human to err – but to actively take the time to acknowledge that one made a mistake and LEARN from it is one of the hardest things for most people to do.

I hold my hand out to you in SALUTE – friendship – and BUSINESS (which at the end of the day boils down to vibes and the right connection if you think about it).

That’s IT for now – I’m out the door!


PS – Wondering what the all time best exercise is? Look no further!