Man the sheer BUZZ!

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Dear reader,

Man oh man oh MAN, this BUZZ!

I’m buzzing this afternoon like NEVER before – at least not in the recent past, and why?

NOT because of my workout – I get the best buzz from that anyway – but combine it with what I did BEFORE the workout – and – well – you transcend to an unearthly plane in terms of what I’m talking about.

I’m referring to a mental buzz here, by the way. The kind that makes you feel good.

The kind that makes you feel you can LEAP mountains in a single BOUND!

And the kind that ultimately is responsible for PROPELING you like lightning towards your goal- and at that rate as well.

In fact, the honest unabridged truth is I’m feeling so damn good with the combo I did that I did something I never EVER do, my friend – or do so very rarely at that.

I interrupted my workout to write this to you – and those of you that know me KNOW that this is paramount to “sacrilege” for me, hehe.

But I’m feeling that darn good, my dear friend. That darn good. I just had to do it.

On a side note – my forearms feel JACKED all without doing a SINGLE upper body exercise.

About all I’ve done until now is 300 squats in around 9 minutes, which for me is an “average” time frame that gives me a decidely ABOVE AVERAGE buzz, but it’s NOT just this, my friend.

And get this – the amazing part about all this is that the “mental buzz” I’m referring to – what I did in terms of getting this buzz going before even contemplating a workout was NOTHING physical.

I thought – for about 10 minutes.

That’s ALL I did, and this deep thought put me into such a “transcendal” state that morphing into the workout was but the icing on the cake.

What did I think about?

Well, thats a topic for another e-mail – but NO – it was NOT about money – or biz for that matter.

And no, it was NOT about my workout either.

Those of you that have read Zero to Hero probably have a fair inkling of what I’m talking about – and for the rest of you – well – who would NOT want to feel this darn good ALL DAY long, my friend?

Zero to Hero – – grab it NOW – –

And after doing that, make sure to get your paws on the best darn exercise system on the planet – bar NONE – right here, my friend –

That’s all for now! I’m off to climb some mountains in my workout – I’ll be sure and ring in the New Year with even more VIM, vigor and GUSTO as usual, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is that link again –

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