Lats like BATS

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Dear Reader,

Bodybuilders want it. Fitness enthusiasts want it even more. And the average Joe CRAVES it.

Heck, if you ‘re sitting here reading this, you probably crave it too – big time.

What is it, you ask – well – as you’ve probably guessed its that coveted “lat spread”, my friend.

And I ain’t referring to the bloated muscles the “bodybuilders” (I’m using quotes there for a reason as most of said folks follow the exact OPPOSITE practices that are required in order to TRULY build the body up) preen, prance and show off on stage.

No, I’m referring to a REAL lat spread – and shoulders that smack – nay REEK of real power.

Shoulders and upper back that are every bit as powerful as the ripples of muscles under the skin would seem to indicate – and the overall package comes together with the LATS – spread out WIDE – just as bat’s wings –  or eagle’s, even.

In fact I prefer to call them “eagle’s wings” if just for the bald headed eagle sheer WINGSPAN, my friend.

And while you’ll  never quite get close to those levels, the ONE exercise that most folks think of when it comes to lats is not really the TRUE lat builders, although it ranks right up there.

No, it’s not the worthless piece of junk that they call the “lat pulldown” machine. If there was ever an useless machine that ranks right up there along with the “padded” chest press machine (a.k.a sitting on your fanny and grunting and moaning out a few “padded” reps) it’s THIS one.

And it’s not pull-ups either – although pull-ups are a great, great, GREAT exercise – and CAN – and SHOULD be included in your routine once you get past the 0 Excuses System “beginner” stage.

What is it, then?

Well  – it’s the HANDSTAND pushup, my friend. Simple.

This one exercise done correctly will build not only lats that look like soaring EAGLES – but strength to go with it.

Think BULGING traps, my friend. Think MONSTROUS traps – and INSANE pressing (and pulling) power to go with it.

Stuck on pull-ups? Well, one of the hidden keys is to … Ah, but I’ll  let it go for now.

And to round off the package think grip strength from Cain without even working the grip directly.

Well – nah – let me rephrase.

Think REEKING OF SHEER – and UTTER – BREAK THROUGH THE WALL – CONFIDENCE when you’re finally able to bang these out in proper form!

That – my dear reader, to me is the MOST important thing about handstands and handstand pushups – the feeling of BLASTING through barriers that you get from these!

You CANNOT replicate this feeling with any other exercise that I know of. Pull-ups and high rep Hindus come close, but they stop at “close”.

Believe me now, and trust me later – this one exercise is the undisputed KING of all toughies out there – and it makes you FEEL like a King (or Queen – yes, you ladies CAN do ’em) as well.

I don’t recall mentioning “lats like bats” on the sales page for this, but all good – that’s task #2 after finishing this dispatch, hehe.

In Shoulders like Boulders, I’ve posted a picture of myself at a good 20 or so kgs OVER fighting weight as it were to show my own “spread”.

NOT for reasons of vanity – thats for sure. Just to show you that YES – BIG guys can do ’em as well – and if you fall into the big category – well fear not, my friend.

Build up a base with 0 Excuses Fitness, and THEN progress on to THESE.

And once you start cranking these out – who knows? You might even surpass Doug Hepburn who I consider to be the MASTER of handstand pushups (all time!) in terms of sheer handstand pushup abilities!

The sky, my friend is quite literally the limit and if you’re seriously interesting in developing the BAT wings that you’ve always craved – well – then – look no further, my friend.

Shoulders like BOULDERS!

I’m off to update the sales page now. Back later!

Oh – and if you’re in the group that will read this and go “Pah! This guy knows nothing about lat spread! My lat pulldown machine will give me the spread I’m looking for!”

Uh – well, think away, my friend. You may pack on some “rubbish” external mass with the lat pulldown machine, but you’ll only do more damage to your body in the long run.

And you’re NOT – I repeat – NOT going to get ANYWHERE near the levels of strength, conditioning – and CONFIDENCE that the handstand pushup correctly executed can and will give you. Not a chance in hell, my friend.

OK – I’m off for now! Back later.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I used the word “serious” up there – and for a damned good reason. Order this course IF AND ONLY if – I repeat, IF AND ONLY IF you’re SERIOUS about building levels of ungodly strength all throughout your upper body – oh, and also getting that “lat spread” while you’re at it.  And if you fall into this category – you’re one of a rare breed, my brotha. I toast you. To your success right HERE –

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