What kind of music should you listen to when you train?

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Dear reader,

After I got done with my 0 Excuses workout I headed outside for a bit of a jaunt  up the hill.

Made it up there before I  knew it, and then dived into a 10 minute stretching routine which left me feeling loose, limber – and like a bazillion bucks – all with TWO simple movements that believe it or not stretch practically every muscle in the entire body.

I was doing a couple of tough variants of said movements, by the way, and as I was training ,some “soft” melodies suddenly started to play on the public announcement system spread out and located at  “strategic” points throughout this entire park.

And suddenly – out of the blue – IMAGES appeared in  my mind.

‘There was a couple of kids blowing bubbles nearby and my mind instantly switched back in time as if it were yesterday, and a 6 month old daughter appeared in my mind’s eye, desperately trying to “pop” the bubbles while reaching out of Papa’s protective “mother gorilla” arms, hehe.

My wife appeared in my mind’s eye – and in my mind’s eye, she was “enveloping” the three of us in a huge bear hug.

As the music went on and on, these images kept on popping into my mind, and the hordes of people around in the background faded away to nothing.

My buddy suddenly showed up as well – you know who I’m talking about, don’t you ?

My buddy – my good friend and BROTHER – with over 25 years of service in the USMC, but he didn’t show up in his current civilian avatar.

No indeed – a “younger” version of this  human MACHINE (and yes, that is what he is – right down to his battleship like build) in full combat gear popped into mind – READY for combat – and READY to blast down any and all obstacles, and …

And … DOING so.

Conquering one peak after the other. Until there was nary a peak  left to conquer, and the “tired” soldier could stop for a wee bit of rest (but only a bit, of course).

Several other people that are or have been close to me in one regard or the other flashed into my mind as well.

Gautam – a “Pull-ups from Dud to STUD” customer from India that gave my product a hefty “5” thumbs UP popped into mind, even though I’ve never met him personally.

I saw him furiously trying to get better at pull-ups – then finally getting his perfect REP – and then progressing on to BIGGER AND BETTER after that.

And truth be told, as all this happened, and the melodies kept playing, I’d be lying to say thata tiny little tear didn’t escape my eye – – unnoticed by ALL but yours truly.

Now, why am I telling you all this?

Well, up there I told you I was engaged in some tough stretches – but guess what – while these images floated around in mind with the corresponding HEAVY emotions they aroused, I suddenly noticed that I was going further and further into one version of the stretch – further than I’ve ever been before.

And this without even thinking about it either consciously or otherwise.

So, does listening to the right kind of music help your training? You bet – and in more ways than one, my friend.

Not only can it help you improve actual  physical  PERFORMANCE – but – and more importantly, it’ll open the meridians of the mind  – and get you vibrating at deeper and more conscious level than you ever have before.

And the relaxed, “at peace with the world” feeling that SWEPT over me as I finished up was unlike anything I ever felt before. I was literally so blissed out that … Well, I’m not going to go there, but hey, point being – – I was literally in a state of EUPHORIA, my friend.

Quite literally.

All this being said of course the  key thing to remember here is the “right kind of music”.

Heavy metal, rap, rock, and other “punk bands” or even rock do NOT count.

Sure – if you want to listen to any of that while you train, go for it. You’re certainly not alone – the vast majority  of people around the world seem to prefer said music while training, but guess what.

This kind of music does next to nothing to put you in a blissed out state – and does ZERO in terms of giving you a mental tune up – from the INSIDE OUT.

Don’t just listen to me though. It’s been proven for one that plants grow better when exposed to classical music as opposed to rock music blaring all day which causes them to wilt prematurely and eventually die.

Ever felt the birds “chirp” while flying up yonder in the sky and felt a deep, strange sense of contentment at that noise?

Well, birds – – and Mother Nature in general seems to “vibrate” at the same frequency ranges that most “classical” (or slow melodies) seem to vibrate at, my friend.

And it’s not even what is being said that counts – – it is the TUNE – – and the TONE that counts.

I’ll have more on this later, but for now – the KEY thing to remember?

Well, it is THIS – the reason the 0 Excuses Fitness System works so well is not simply because it builds strength, endurance and super duper flexibility  like NO other workout system on the planet does.

It does all this – sure – but it also does something else – something far more important – that being to RELAX you at a deeper level than you ever thought possible.

I’ve often been in a similar blissed out state when doing a lot of the pushups in the System – Hindus and reverse pushups being the two that come most readily to mind here.

You can learn how to do the above two exercises right here – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

Always remember that the point of training is NOT to beat yourself – rather – it is to INVIGORATE you – and get you feeling like a MILLION bucks, my friend.

You’re not there to break your body down. Your building it – and other things – from the INSIDE out.

Ponder this while you sip your morning cuppa.



P.S. – Recieved an asinine comment the other day about how “pushups don’t build any real strength” from a clown with belly hanging over pants. Apparently he thought “simply doing pushups is nothing”. I’m surprised how he did even one without his belly touching the ground. Really. Anyway, more on that later today – stay tuned!

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