“Hao li Hai” Holiday training

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Dear reader,

I was training in full force today at the local park, and being it’s the Chinese New Year holidays here – the park was jampacked with folks, hehe.

And of course – that drew the usual chants of “Hao li hai” (good, good, excellent) as a crowd gathered to watch me train.

The adults made the comments. A few kids tried to follow along. And a friendly dog gave me a lick on the nose as well. All fun and games in China – – and a great, great training routine – – done during a holiday (or the holidays) and that brings me to my main point.

Holidays as of late for most people seem to have become a time to become even more lazy and “slothful” than they usually are.

What do I  mean?

Well,  let us take the case of the average couch potato or disgruntled office worker who claims they “don’t have time” to train and that’s why they don’t.

Well, what about during the holidays?

Funnily enough its these same people (and believe me, they are sadly but unfortunately in the vast majority here) complain that “holidays are time to relax” and so “training is for after the holidays” – and end up being even more of a blob on the face of the planet (or beached whale – whatever term floats your boat, hehe) than they are usually.

And of course, I’m not even going to get into the food etc – – it seems those that are gorge on junk food do so even more during the holidays.

Now, none of this to say that holidays aren’t down time. Sure they are – but why not use that time to do something FUN – and enjoyable – something GOOD for your body – and something that makes you feel like a billion bucks after you’re done with it?

That something being EXERCISE – done the right way – and that something being something that will BENEFIT you after the holidays as well.

No more sighs of “I’ve gained 5 kgs over the break” and so forth. If anything, if you use your holiday time sensibly – – and mix in “indulgence” with a healthy dose of self control, then you should be in far better shape AFTER the holidays than before it.

Of course, that isn’t the case for the vast majority of folks who spend their entire holidays vegetating on the couch or driving around in cars from one place to the other posting selfies on Facebook etc.

Believe me, while what you do during your holiday is certainly up to YOU – – the sheer BUZZ you get from doing something BENEFICIAL to your body can NOT be compared to the other nonsense that usually goes on during the holidays.

Selfies may look good for the moment, but the moment passes pretty quickly once you get off that seat and look into the mirror to see the “same old you” again.

Gorging yourself on junk food and claiming “I’m doing so because it’s the holiday”? Well, so be it – but it aint gonna move you along the path to superior health/fitness – or even just plain ole GOOD feelings, my friend. It sure won’t.

Bodyweight exercises done correctly will – – and what’s more they’re fun to do – – and the icing on the cake?

They can be done ANYWHERE.

Holidaying on the beach? No problem – – there’s plenty of room to pump out Hindu squats by the ocean.

Going for a “resort” in the mountains? Well, ditch the cable cars (and cars in general) and WALK up the hill instead. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen folks travel the Himalayas and never step foot out of their cars during the entire vacation unless it’s entering and exiting from hotels etc. Utterly pathetic in my opinion – – there’s a workout right there STARING you in the face, and yet …

And the sheer buzz, my friend. Oh BOY the sheer buzz you get from pounding out a set of high rep Hindu Squats.

Or a tough set of 10 pull-ups done in perfect form.

Or pushups – – and plenty of them – – specifically the reverse pushup that I so often talk about.

All of these, and others are mentioned in the path breaking 0 Excuses Fitness System – – if you haven’t already grabbed your copy – – do so NOW – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

And the king of all these, of course – – the mighty HANDSTAND PUSHUP.

NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING compares to the buzz you get when doing these correctly – – especially a tough set — and the good news is you can do them ANYWHERE!

Anyway, I ended up bumping my chin against the floor while doing these today. Had a bit of a bleed there for a while but even that did NOT dampen my spirits a wee bit, so GOOD was I feeling.

Bruised – but NOT battered – and better off for it – and so will you, my friend – if you train the way I do.

So that’s today’s tip – – use the holidays (or any spare time you get) to BETTER yourself rather than sink further into the “couch” of going nowhere life/fitness wise.

It’ll hold you in good stead, my friend. THAT is for SURE!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – It’s the year of the DOG here in China, my friend – – and in this dog eat dog world – – the only way to go is to BE the BIG dog. And if there’s one exercise that’ll get you there faster than anything else? Well – – here it is – – http://0excusesfitness.com/shoulders-like-boulders/

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