See yourself – at your BEST!

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Dear Reader,

It’s no secret that while I’m admittedly in GREAT shape right now (and YES – I’m saying it like it is – like I always do – no sense in beating about the bush, eh?), there have been times in my life when it was the exact opposite.

I’ve been obese – well, morbidly so at a certain stage in my life. I’ve been at the stage where swimming a lap in a pool was a chore (compared to now where I can “glide” up and down for at least 15 laps effortlessly without stopping).

I’ve been at the point where climbing the hill I do NOW (despite NOT doing it daily NOW) was a workout unto itself, and though it’s still a decent workout, I barely even break a sweat while waltzing up the hill – and this even when I don’t do it daily.

And so forth. Yada, Nada, Schnada.

Point of me saying this?

Well, it’s NOT to blow my own trumpet – thats for sure – although on the other hand there’s nothing wrong with being brutally honest as I always am – BOTH with regard to current positives and negatives.

It’s not even so much to tell you what I do repeatedly in the 0 Excuses Fitness System and my other courses – that- I quite literally have BEEN there and done that. I know what it feels like to be unfit – else I wouldn’t say it on the front page of my site for starters but I also know that if someone like me could do it – then so can YOU, my friend.

But that isn’t why I’m saying this.

A long time ago, I’d look at pictures of models – or perhaps those that “were strong in my opinion” when I was myself at my unfittest, and I’d think to myself, “gosh, what if I were like that?”

Now, I wouldn’t hold the thought in my mind although I WANTED to.

The logical part of my mind would tell me “look at your now! There’s no way you’ll ever get there!”.

While the “subconscious yearning” still persisted, if you get my drift.

Little did I know that those brief flashes of thinking I’m referring to were way more important to me than anything else I ever did.

Fast forward to today, and uncannily enough (or perhaps not so) I’m in the exact same shape as I visualized myself years ago, if not better.

Astounding thing was those visualizations lasted like a second if even that. Just imagine how much quicker I’d have leapfrogged my way to superior fitness levels if I had done what I do today – which is to focus HARD on what I want myself to look like – or be like in life, for that matter!

This ONE simple key, my friend – is the key to achieving ANYTHING you want in life.

This ONE simple key is covered in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – as part of the 10 Commandments of Physical Success, and it is by far the most important.

This ONE key is – astoundingly enough – roundly ignored by folks even when I EXPLAIN it to them – including some former and current clients!

People process it from a “logical” standpoint, but they never really “believe it works”.

But believe me, my friend. Your current physical body is NOT the only thing that is affected by this – it’s EVERYTHING in your life – your overall situation if I might say so.

In short – You ARE what you “see” yourself to be.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz covered this concept in the path breaking Pyscho Cybernetics – a read I highly recommend to ALL that come across this post.

I’ve covered it to a degree in “Zero to Hero” – where I basically tell you my own story (well, part of it, at any rate).

And so forth.

If you’re currently overweight and unable to lose weight “no matter what”, chances are excellent the way you SEE yourself is WRONG.

If you’re currently unable to build muscle despite seemingly following all the right practices, well – then – the picture you have in your mind of yourself is one of someone NOT being able to build muscle – or it being a “grind” or “chore” (despite you not consciously recognizing this).

Believe me now, and trust me later – the FIRST thing you do if you haven’t gotten off the couch in years is NOT to simply “dive into the routines”.

It’s to SEE yourself as you want to be in your mind’s eye. SEE yourself as a fitness virtuoso – or a champion swimmer –  or with “lats as wide as barndoors” – or whatever – and it’ll start to flow from there.

True, this isn’t the only thing that you do need to know. You do need to back all this up via action, but again- – there is a reason – – and a very valid one that I’ve included this as the FIRST and by far most important commandment in the 10 Commandments of Physical Success in the System.

And of course, you DO need to know the right way to do things – which is NOT how most people do ’em – but then again a) we’ve got your covered in the System with regard to that and b) it never pays to be “part of the herd” – not if you’re part of the “achievers” group in life – TRUST me on that one.

Moral of today’s blurb?

Have an image in your mind – a SHARP, focused image of what it is you WANT to be – or look like – or feel like.

Then take action.

Watch the changes occur so quickly you won’t even have the chance to say “Hallejullah!”

Well, my friend – that’s it for now. Back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If the idea of having “lats as wide as bardoors” appeals to you (not to mention shoulders like the Farnese Hercules had), then HERE are the two courses that’ll get you there – –

  1. Shoulders like Boulders – –
  2. Battletank Shoulders – –


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