REAL strength – that LASTS

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Dear reader,

One of the great things about training the way I do i.e. bodyweight exercises done correctly and at the right cadence – is that this sort of training results in health and strength – that literally lasts a lifetime.

I’m a proponent of daily training as ya’ll know. Do something daily has always been my motto. You  may or may not “go for broke” each and every time you train, but you do SOMETHING – anything – daily!

A penny saved is a penny earned – every  little bit counts, my friend – and when it comes to exercise, a penny saved is quite literally a QUARTER – or a DOLLAR earned.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Well – if so – think again, my friend – and read what I have to tell you next.

I had the good fortune and pleasure to meet up yet again with one of my closest buddies here in China – a guy who you’ve read about plenty of times in my blog posts, emails and even my bestselling Gorilla Grip – and with darn good reason.

A man that’s the real deal – a good man – an ex Marine with over 25 years of service and a skill set that would put most average Joes to shame within the space of a nanosecond.

A man that never ever stops learning despite everything he’s achieved thus far (and by God it’s a LOT!) – and a man who just so happens to be a mountain of muscle as well.

Now, my buddy is a huge proponent of daily training as well as you might expect from someone whose served in the elite forces, but for whatever reason he has not been able to workout for a while now.

Jobs – relationships – the “daily grind at the mines” (not really, but you get my drift, hehe) etc etc – it’s all added up and left him with no time to exercise, and from what he said he hasn’t has a decent workout in about three months now.

Anyway, being the workout fanatics we both are, we naturally spoke a lot about training – as we do every time we meet, and soon ended up engaging in one of those friendly arm wrestling matches just to “test strength” as it were.

And guess what – despite months of not working out – my buddy quite literally BULLDOZED my arm to the ground (table) – and that too so quickly you’d think it never happened.

He’s quite literally got an unnatural “pull” to his upper chest and shoulder region – and while he has a wrestling background, there’s more to it. I’ve arm wrestled quite a bit before, and while I’m no “champ” at it – THIS guy is something else altogether – despite not doing it for ages!

RAGING “bull like” strength is the way I’d describe it, and from there on it was naturally onto the subject of grips – a pet subject for both of us.

And though I’ve out-gripped many a gym gorilla in the past, my buddy’s grip feels like one of those iron pliers that slowly, but surely CLOSE over your hand – while quite methodically crushing the ever living “life” out of one’s fingers.

Ok – maybe not quite that extreme – but you get the picture. I’ve got a pretty solid grip – NOT weak by any standards, and yet I really “felt” his grip last night if you get my drift.

Anyhow, we had a great time – but the point of my mentioning all this to you?

Well, first off, the guy hasn’t lost a LICK of strength despite not having worked out for ages – and if anything, the enforced break seems to have actually done him good in many regards strength wise.

That’s not to say one shouldn’t train daily – or train AS OFTEN as possible – he’ll be the first one to tell you that – but still – the point is that most “roid monsters” and “pumpers and toners” lose whatever little muscle (in the first case) or strength (if any, in both cases) they’ve “built” (I use quotes in the reason) in the gym within days of stopping their unnatural routines.

Second, I tell you this to give you yet another testament to the sheer RESULTS that bodyweight exercises done correctly can give you – results that last a LIFETIME.

Third, it’s not just the strength. You would expect this man to have gained a ton of weight etc as a lot of “gym gorillas” do once they stop taking their protein shakes and assorted supplements – NOT SO.

He may have gained a few extra pounds around the midsection, but for his age (an age which most men would consider to be approaching “retirement age” ) that’s quite literally NOTHING – and those few lbs will fly off the minute he gets back on the stick again.

Fourth, I mention this to inspire you – this man is nothing short of living inspiration to me – and last, but not least – no prizes for guessing what exact bodyweight exercises he did to get into the sort of shape he is.

NO prizes for guessing the MAIN exercise that elite forces use to build their extraordinary level of upper body strength, stamina and endurance. Starts with a “p” – and ends up with a “s”.

In my friend’s case, yet another one of his secrets is dips – done in high repetitions – something that I greatly encourage, and something that’ll build massive, mammoth shoulders akin to a male gorillas – – and an exercise that I teach you how to do correctly in “Shoulders like Boulders“.

And those shoulders, while not the whole key to his “bull like” strength (that quite literally BLOWS you away like a tornado might a leaf) are certainly a HUGE, HUGE part of it.

You may never get to his elite levels of strength, but there is MUCH you can do to build your own shoulders up to “gorilla” levels (not to mention an upper/mid back that will have you turning sideways to get into doors) – and the keys to doing so are mentioned right HERE – –

Anyway, this post isn’t so much about the actual exercises themselves, but the lasting effect they have on one – if done correctly.

REAL WORLD strength – REAL strength – as opposed to the fake “pumps” and shiny greased bloated muscles that most modern day bodybuilders sport – muscles that give up when tasked with any halfway taxing REAL world endavor, my friend.

Don’t believe me? Well, take a look at a lot of pro wrestlers – AFTER they retire, and compare their looks to what they were “in their prime”.

Or pro bodybuilders for that matter – or your average “juiced up roid monster” at the local gym.

Compare the above picture with the picture I just painted for you in my email.

Clear enough, eh?

I bet it is – and on that note – it’s “off with me” for some much needed nourishment, hehe. Just got back from a ball busting, sweat pouring outdoor (for a change) workout – and I’m RARING to go.

YEE – HA!!!!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – In case you haven’t noticed, my original “Gorilla Grip” course is STILL going like GANGBUSTERS, my friend. And with darn good reason – it’s coming from yours truly – someone who literally BREATHES a strong grip if I might say so. Sheer passion if I might say so, and you can literally feel that throughout the whole course – so if you haven’t already – jump on the grip ship NOW, my friend – –

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