Make moneeee – in ANY economy

Dear reader,

Today’s post will be a short one – and a surprise as well in that it’s NOT fitness related.

But it’s LIFE related. It’s certainly money related – and who amongst us, fitness fanatics included, wouldn’t like to talk about MONEY, eh?

Uh – huh … I thought so!

Anyway, given all the tales of the economy plunging South (regardless of where you are in the world) and all the old wives (or young ones, for that matter, hehe) tales about “the world going to hell in a henbasket”, the TRUTH is that all of us would be interested in TIME TESTED techniques to make money successfully in any economy.

Now, you’re probably thinking that I’ve got a product to promote to you here, right?

Well, yes – as a matter of fact I DO – but it’s one of the products I’ve promoted the LEAST – and one of the products, that curiously enough I came out with at the very START.

It’s a little gem, but I’ve ignored it so far for whatever reason, and it’s been sitting “waiting to be opened” in the annals, so to speak.

And what really brought it to my attention today was a few search terms that seem to be constantly popping up in the search results of the site. It appears (Bing China) and a few others have picked up on this little jewel of a product, and – long story short – type in the words “the ten commandments of a successful salesperson” in, and bingo – you’ll navigate to the very  product I’m referring to.

I haven’t yet tested on the other search engines, but you can bet that if a major search engine in China – the land of the “sales reps” so to speak, hehe, where they’ll literally sell you anything and everything willy nilly, without abandon – and a HUGE, friendly smile on their faces at that – then you better “bet your Betsy” that the other search engines will follow suit soon enough.

And I don’t blame ’em. I mean, who would NOT like to make money in any economy – selling services to clients that other, more experienced folks (with prior dealings with said clients!) could NOT sell?
Hmm? Uh huh … I thought so. I hear crickets again, hehe.
So without further ado, if you’re part of the “growing numbers” that are interested in what I have to say on this topic – and more so, advice from someone that has quite literally BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT, well – go right here, my friend – –
Grab your copy now – and watch a whole new world open up to you.
Rahul Mookerjee
P.S. – I’ll give away one tip I mentioned right here – that is to “underpromise, but overdeliver” – a mantra that ALL 0 Excuses products have at heart, and a mantra that I took “extra seriously” when doing this course up, hehe. I’ve given you not 10, not 12, not 15 – but TWENTY golden nuggets of achievements at the highest levels in this little course, my friend. Make sure to get your paws on it right HERE – –
P.S. #2 – Stay tuned for a tale of ATROCIOUS customer service I recently had (since we’re talking sales here) – and of course, more of the daily fitness tips from 0 Excuses Fitness HQ!
P.P.S. #1 – Onward – upward – with VIM, VIGOR, and GUSTO!

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