How I counter negative energy

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Dear Reader,

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As I was feeding the fishes this morning, completely oblivious to the world, enjoying being at one with Nature – a couple of jokers showed up.

Now, normally the time at which I feed the fishes or even workout etc is when most people are busy banging away at their computers – – a.k.a. 9-5 – – and therefore I’m usually left alone and to my own devices.

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but the best part about doing my own thing is the sheer freedom I have in terms of “work” hours etc – – and to be honest, most of my work seems like “play” to me, hehe, so much do I enjoy it.

Anyway, it being the Labor Day holiday here in China, most people are on holiday. Thats about a billion people all over the place- and not only does it get crazy hectic during holidays here – it also seems to bring out all the negative folks that have been “in the woodwork” – hidden, unseen, but certainly there.

This clown was apparently not happy with the way I was feeding the fishes, and started to “prod” my arm.

“Feed them this way!”

I gave him a cold look – one that should have stopped the dead in their tracks and moved along a bit – but it didn’t seem to bother him one bit. He kept grinning in an inane manner about the “foreign devil” not knowing how to do things.

Now, I’ve written before about the fish recognizing me when I come to feed ’em, and how absolutely amazing it is. This is what was drawing people to the scene – but of course they did the exact opposite of what they should have been i.e. quietly enjoy the scene, let the “foreign devil” do his thing uninterrupted – – and of course, be at one with Nature.

A couple of teenage ruffians around the age of 15 or so showed up shortly thereafter, and their way of getting the fish to come to them wasn’t to feed them.

No, it was by way of throwing rocks and pebbles at the fish!


So much did it ruin the entire vibe of the situation, so potent was the negative energy spewing from these people (and they didnt even know it) that I figured I’d pack things up and head on home and return later.

After all, they were looking for a “rise out of the foreign devil” essentially – something which most negative folks are looking for on a subconscious level as it seems to justify their negative behavior to them in some strange regard.

To be honest, I’d have blown my top in the past. I’d have said more than a few words.

For example, I was training outdoors yesterday and a young lad about 14 or so (old enough to know better) kept following me around as I did my workout. Like a bleeding shadow of all things …

“You so strong!” “Where are you from!” And so forth. He’d do all he could to try and get in some conversation as I was working out – although my entire demeanor indicated I did NOT want to be disturbed at that time.

Then there was this one clown (also a foreign devil) who saw me doing pull-ups (this was a while back) and proceeded to lecture me on “how I should be training my mind instead of my body” and “why am I working my body so hard”. He only made a beeline for the exits when I turned out – perhaps the way my muscles unconsciously tensed gave him a clue or two …

In the past, I’d have (like I just said) blown my top – and probably very justifiably so in ALL these situations – but I ended up ruining my entire day as a result.

Despite what many people think, the way to counter most annoyances is NOT by blowing one’s own top and indulging in an “over the top” response. This might serve as a quick fix, but ends up infusing way more negative energy into your OWN life.

What I did this morning was to simply walk away. I knew the lunatics would get bored if I wasn’t there to “entertain” their negativity – and sure enough, when I returned after a quick 10 minute jaunt, they were GONE, and it was all good again.

What I did with the ass clown telling me not to do pull-ups was – again – to ignore him. Sure, I could have told him to go **** himself. I could have engaged in a war of words. But I did none of the above. I IGNORED him, and presto – he disappeared of his own accord.

Similarly with the dude hell bent on following me through the park. All I did in that case was utter a simple “Be quiet”, and the lad seemed to get the message.

Most of the times, negative people are the way they are because of their subconscious programming and they subconsciously do all they can to drag YOU down into their vortex of negativity as well, my friend.

And in most cases, you’re best off simply ignoring them – and doing so doesn’t add fuel to their negative fires, which ultimately peter out and BURN out.

So the next time you’re faced with an angry driver, for instance, cussing at you in traffic for no apparent reason – simply ignore him/her – or even better, smile back and go about your own merry way. Not only will this frustrate him/her no end – it’ll also defuse the situation — and said person will think again the next time he attempts something like that.

I feel GREAT now – like a billion bucks – – and what I did after that (after I let the negative “vibes” out of my system via ignoring the idiots) was to engage in some Hindu Squats – done “par excellence” as I teach in my 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Man oh man oh man. Combine these exercises with the power of the mind – and staying positive (and FEELING GREAT) all the time – and you cannot go wrong – no matter what!

If you haven’t grabbed yourself a copy, you owe it to yourself to do so NOW, my friend.

So that’s today’s tip. Don’t fan the flames of negativity. Ignore ’em and they’ll burn out on their own in most cases!

Last, but not least, this is NOT meant to be taken as a a post denouncing those at the park or anything like that. I’m merely denouncing the loons who occasionally show up out of the woodwork here – curiously enough during all the major festivals and holidays, though I don’t know why.

Some of the BEST experiences I’ve had in China and the friendliest people I’ve met have been while working out.

The old man I met in China years ago – a man whose hand I feel honored to shake every time I meet him.

The guys that workout alongside me doing pull-ups, dips etc – – it’s a pleasure to work out beside ’em.

And of course, one of the security guards at the park – an enthusiastic sort of dude who grunts, growls, and howls his way through dips done ultra fast, hehe – and whose got me pegged for having an “extra large” chest, though I have no idea why!

And so forth. Bottom line  being this – all these guys are there for a REASON. A PURPOSE – and this purpose makes them vibrate POSITIVELY as opposed to the ruffians I mentioned above whose only purpose in life is to be nuisance.

So do whatever you do purposefully, my friend. Not only will you make great strides in your own life – but you’ll also be doing a heck of a lot in terms of adding positive energy BACK to the Universe!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – One reason your on this list is because you’ve several fitness goals you’re looking to meet. Approach those goals with clear intention and PURPOSE, my friend. Make a plan – and stick to it. And step #1 on that plan is to pull out that credit card and reserve your copy of the best fitness system there is on the planet, bar NONE. Do so right HERE – –


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