When someone says “never”

Dear Reader,

I cannot on both hands and more count the number of times someone has smugly  looked at me and (ignorantly) proclaimed “it will never happen”.

Or, “you’ll never be able to get that”. Or, “you can’t do that”.

Yada, nada, schnada – and though “never” is the most commonly used negative term, you can replace it with any other similar term of your choice – so long as the drift of the statement remains the same.

When I was a young skinny 10 year old desperately trying to pack muscle on to my frame, my mother routinely shook her head upon looking at me (and NOT in a nice manner) and proclaimed “Oh, Rahul thinks he’s so strong!  Look at him!”

“You’ll never be good at soccer”.

“You’ll never be able to run a business. You need to work a full time job!”

And so forth. There were other utterly idiotic and inane statements by NOT just my mother – or family – that I could mention here but one of that sticks out in mind (and that I laugh at every time I hear) is that “he’s impractical”, or  “he’s a dreamer”.

And though I used to get “angry” at said statement, when this happens nowadays I just smile at the person and say “Ok, thanks so much for that bit of wisdom!”

And believe me, there is NO sarcasm involved there – if anything a touch of pity for the poor fella who nary does he know that telling Rahul “never” might as well put a seal of approval on what he / she deemed “never” to happen.

Dreamers over the ages, my friend – are the reason our world is at the state of civilization it is TODAY.

Henry Ford dreamt of motor cars long before anyone else did – and though his dreams were routinely ridiculed and laughed at – without that dream, and the ensuing success many years later, we might still be riding around the world in horse driven carriages.

Marconi was, believe it or not, deemed to be a lunatic when he first proposed and started working upon the idea of a wireless – and was taken, quite literally, to a shrink at the looney tune bin to be examined.

Ditto for Thomas Edison, Napoleon Hill, and ANYONE throughout the ages that’s achieved anything of note, my friend.

And this holds true for fitness as much as it does for life.

When you first start to reach for the stars – or take that first step in terms  of accomplishing your dreams – or goals – the whole world (or most of it) will mysteriously suddenly start telling you “it can’t be done”.

And the more unbelievable the goal is, the more this will happen. Case in point being the Mighty Atom flying outside an airplane by his hair alone. I kinda doubt most would have supported that goal to begin with …


Well, the sheer act of resolving to accomplish any worthy goal – and then DOING it – puts you into a very elite category, my friend.

Most people are day dreamers as opposed to “practical dreamers” – and the minute someone “climbs out of that negative cesspool” they either consciously or subconsciously do their best to “draw you back in”.

And in most cases, it’s people that are supposed to be the closest to you that will act this way.

IMO, it’s best NOT to tell anyone your goals – and if you do – and if they’re met with derision – do NOT make the mistake of expounding negative energy in the form of any angry reaction.

Smile – and nod your head – and move along – and then ACCOMPLISH that goal, my friend!

And so when it comes to fitness, if you’re currently at “beached whale” status, but yet aspire to one day achieve “ripped abs” or “bulging biceps” or “massive shoulders” status – well – guess what.

KUDOS to you for having that goal. It’s indeed a worthy one – but you’re better off NOT telling anyone else about it.

Instead, quietly resolve and make a promise to yourself that you’ll get started on that journey – NOW.

Crack the System open, start implementing what’s been said, and the flab will start to fly off as quickly as the muscle starts to pile on.

And it’ll be at this point that the negativity you’ll face will be at it’s zenith, as the “neighsayers” neigh on, desperately trying to drag you back into the cesspool.

“Oh, those are just bodyweight exercises”.

“Oh, that’s too easy to work!”

“Oh, you can’t possibly get a workout in your living room in less than 15 minutes!”

Foeey. Baloney. Bananas. Fiddlesticks. And so forth …

And once you reach a certain level, my friend – ALL of this will be replaced by admiration – first grudging – and then OUTRIGHT.

There are few, if ANY people today who would believe me if I told them I was insanely unfit at one stage in life.

In fact a recent client of mine looked me up and down incredulously when I said that.

“You?? Unfit?? Oh, come on, man! I know that ain’t true!”

Yet, years ago, these same people would laughed in my face if I said I’d become as fit as a racehorse – and stay that way. Or if I had told them I’d quit smoking cold turkey. Or run any sort of online biz – or – most of all – FOLLOW my passion – and my dreams!

And yet – here we are today, now … and well, enough said, hehe. I think you get my drift?

Moral of today’s story – when someone says “never” – acknowledge it as an impending sign of the thing that was “never” supposed to be happen to be on it’s way.

Ok, my friend. Thats it for today. I just done with a 250 *2 pushup workout plus pull-ups – – and I’m starving right about now. Off for some victuals.

Crank ON!


Rahul Mookerjee

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