Motivated by the fear of being average

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Dear Reader,

I was browsing through my Instagram account this morning, and saw a quote from an account I follow and it was so darn inspirational that I just HAD to share it with you.

It’s mentioned in the subject line of this email – and I’ll say this – it rung true with me the MINUTE I saw it.

It truly fits my life philosophy to a T – right down to my workouts, interactions with others, my work – my writing – and literally everything else I do in my life.

Settling for second best or “sloppy seconds” as they like to say has never been my style, my friend.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the Sylvester Stallone flick “Over the top” (one for you arm wrasslin fans out there) but big ole Bull Hearley says something in that flick that resonates with me equally well.

“I arm wrestle, drive trucks and break arms for a living. That’s what I do, and that’s what I do best. There ain’t no second place. Second SUCKS”.

I still remember some of the workouts I partook of last year – 0 Excuses Fitness stuff, but get this – accomplished a) at the top of the hill I talk so fondly of and b) done in the hot, humid summer heat of Southern China.

Why didn’t I choose a better time to work out? Well, Ms. Mao, her of the English teaching that I wrote about a few emails ago had scheduled me in for the afternoon, so the only possible time to get my workout done was either early in the AM or before the classes.

Being I’m NOT a morning person in general, I started at 10 A.M. and the sweat FLEW off me as I climbed the hill.

It POURED off me as I did my squats. I’d either do 5 sets of 100 or 10 sets of 50 – or something in between, and the kids would be staring at me in bewilderment as I went “up and down” rhythmically – and a crowd would gather every time I got down to my assortment of pushups.

Now the reason I mention all this to you is this – my reason for working out at that time and location wasn’t to “show off”. Certainly not, and I’ve written in the past about how folks getting in my face, or asking for selfies etc annoys the heck out of me when I’m training.

No – it was to do something that the average person – or even “above average” person will NEVER do when it comes to fitness.

To do that thing day in and day out without fail – year in and year out, I should say, actually.

And the results speak for themselves, methinks.

So that’s basically the lesson for the day, my friends. If you do “what the average person does”, well, expect average results – both life and fitness wise.

If you do what WINNERS – and achievers at the highest levels do – well – expect results at a certain level as well.

You get what you put into it  – and I’ve mentioned this in 0 Excuses Fitness too, except I’ve couched it in different terms. There’s no two ways around it. That’s just how it is.

(By the way, there are plenty of other “life lessons” mentioned in the System – available right here –

In the meantime, for those of you reading this, I realize there will be a substantial majority that is content to “sit back” and “browse away” (or progress down their Inbox) and take literally no action at all.

These are the folks that are content to do long distance cardio for years, and then complain about shot knees, saggy skin, and weight NOT at optimal levels regardless.

These are the gym bros who preen, pose, pump and tone galore in front of mirrors after doing “side lats from Mars” and accomplishing “striations from the moon” and God knows what else, and yet stare on enviously at the “non-descript” guy at the far corner of the room pumping out handstand pushups in sets of 10.

And so forth.

That’s fine, if you’re in the above category. It ain’t my biz to tell you how to live your life,  my brother.

But if you’re part of the rarefied group that WANTS – and AIMS for success in damn near everything they do, fitness included, well then you’re in the right place for sure.

Click on over HERE, and start doing the very exercises that top fitness supremos pound out on  a regular basis.

Do what the best do – and settle for NOTHING less than the best, my friend.

There truly is NO other way to live!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Handstand pushups are a great, great way to build the upper body, but the problem is that there is too much junk floating about on the Internet about these. One common bit of foolishness I hear on a regular basis is that “handstands are unnatural and dangerous”. Well, golly, fancy that. Doug Hepburn for one would disagree – and as they say, pictures speak a thousand words or more – and if you’re looking to build shoulders like the Almighty Doug had, well, do what he did all day long in sets!

P.S #1 – Quote of the day (imagine a tiger prowling as you read this) – “The aim is to balance the terror of being alive with the wonder of being alive”. Amen to THAT!

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