“Mommy I crushed Papa’s grip!”

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Dear Reader,

My daughter spent some time with her grandparents last night, and then marched on home thereafter.

Instantly upon returning, the first thing she did was to clamber on to my lap – kind of like a baby monkey would with “Mama” monkey,  and I didn’t mind that at all, though I was working upon something.

Daily routine as it were, and unless I’m writing – – or pounding out one of my books (or novels – – more on that in a separate post) – – I don’t really mind the disturbance.

In fact, I welcome every opportunity I have to observe my daughter growing up. Being that I was in China for the majority of the past two years, this privilege is something I do NOT want to take for granted if you get my drift – and neither should any parent IMO.

Now the grip part, you ask?

Well, the first thing she did upon clambering onto my lap was give me a “high 5”.

Whack! As her little palm smashed against mine, it felt like a ship crashing into my palm – – she high fives with GUSTO, just as she’s been taught.

“That was a monster blow, Papa!”

“Sure was, honey!”

And then it was on to gripping.

“Papa, can I give you the GORILLA grip?”

“Uh, sure … ” (I was pretending to be scared).

“Oh, don’t be scared, Papa! …”

And as she grabbed my hand with all the enthusiasm and raw energy a 4 year old could muster, I was silently grinning to myself – BIG time – – though I wasn’t showing it.

And the yells emanated.

“Mommy! Looooook … I’m crushing Papa’s GRIP! Gorillllllaaaa grip!

And she literally did every thing she could to crush  my hand – with BOTH of hers, and a foot thrown in as well for good measure, if just to show that she was putting her WHOLE body into it.

But that’s not all she does though. She routinely practices her jabs (seemingly her favorite punch as of now)  on me – – and though it had very little force to it when she first started – – it’s a different tale now.

I literally have to ask her to tell me to be ready when she “gives me one in the midsection”. Whew! Can just imagine what she’ll be like at around 7 or 8 years of age.

Contrast that to yours truly, who though he was seriously interested in all this when he was growing up, didn’t really have any sort of environment to either learn – – or practice the skills in.

THIS, my friend is key.

Give your kids the environment they desire – – what they really, really want – – and they’ll “flower” and “bloom” naturally without you even trying (as is the case with my daughter).

Other hand, force the environment upon them that YOU wish for them to grow up in , and chances are they’ll  do none of what you want them to do – – or if they do it, it’ll be done in a half ass, half hearted, despondent manner.

‘Tis just how it works, my friend – – and NO, kids do NOT pick up “bad habits” if left to choose “what they want”.

Kids learn by watching – – they learn by example – – and parents by virtue of their “authority” positions are in the very best position to SET that example for them.

I’ve spoken about that before, of course. One of the reasons the average kid these days is a gigantic tub of lard is because, well, – – his parents are the exact same.

If the parents come home from work and pop a six pack (or a bag of chips) and plonk down onto the couch – – well – – chances are the kid will grow up and do the same as well, if he isn’t doing it already.

Back to environment though – – your kids will “see the reality you show them”. And THAT, my friend is the biggest takeaway from this email – – although there are others as well – – see if you can find ’em!

In the meantime, there’s this – I haven’t put out a course on fitness as yet that involves the heavy bag, but I might if there is enough demand. However, my 0 Excuses Fitness System has MORE than plenty to keep the average person busy for his/her entire life – – so if you haven’t done a lick of exercises in years, but are looking to shed unwanted flabbage – – well – – get started NOW.

If you’re a seasoned gym goer – – well, this System might just give you the change and impetus you need for better results as well!

And if you’re an athlete – – or train like one – – well, this will be RIGHT up your alley!

Grab 0 Excuses Fitness right here – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/.

There’s something for everyone in this as it were, and I’ll close on that sage now. More later!


Rahul Mookerjee

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