Boundless exuberance!

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Dear Reader,

TGIF! Although to be honest, the first thing on my mind when I woke up this morning was not “TGIF” – it was a bit of a muffled “Back to sleep, sweetie” sort of sigh if that makes any sense.

What do I mean?

Well, my little girl’s been up since 6:30 A.M. this morning – actually RARING to go to school today – and why?

It’s FRIIIIIIDDDAAAAAAAYYY, Papa! And that of course means no more school for two days, and she was so thrilled about it that she probably dreamed of it all night long (judging by the smiles on her face, anyway).

This exuberant attitude was on display right until the front gate of the school – and when normally it’s a bit of a “slow walk” to class, she practically BOUNDED in today.

Photos are on Instagram (and Twitter a few days ago) – and as for my “go back to sleep?”

Well, it was pouring right about 4:15 or so (right, THAT time, hehe) in the morning, and we had left our clothes out to dry, so it was off to get ’em back in. Then it was time to give the “baby gorilla” some water as she was coughing.

By the way, this little girl has turned into a bonafide grip MONSTER – at the tender age of 4.5. And if you don’t believe me, I can show you her “paw” marks on my fingers as she furiously tries to, as she says “squooosh Papa’s hands between hers” (and her feet too!).

And if a 4 year old can do it, then YOU, my friend  can benefit IMMENSELY from what I teach you in Gorilla Grip (Advanced) as well. Grab it now if you so choose, and watch your grip strength skyrocket almost immediately.

And then finally as we went back to bed – our little one woke us up again, hehe. “Daddy! It’s Friday! Yay! Junk food dayyyyyyy!”

Anyway, my point in saying all this, you ask?

Well, it’s to point THIS out – little kids live life the way it should be lived.

Each day is a NEW one – with past mistakes erased confidently from the pysche. Each day is one of amazement, and wonderment – and they find something to look forward to DAILY without fail – and WITH boundless excuberance, zest, vim, vigor and GUSTO!

‘Tis Nature’s way, my friend. Ever seen an adult tiger – or elephant – or croc, for that matter, wake up and hit the snooze button and groan about “another long day ahead”?

I didn’t think so, my friend.

It’s wake up – and then BANG – off to work as it were. A new day, as they say!

As adults we’d do well to learn from both these examples. Now granted, kids aren’t immune to a case of “well, Monday’s around the corner either” – apparently my daughter had that thought in mind too, but it was a teeny weeny one, and one that I quashed almost instantly after she brought it up as an afterthought.

“Live in the moment, honey! Enjoy TODAY – and enjoy the next two days!”

“Monday will come – but we’ll deal with it when it comes!”

And truth be told, the only reason she even brought that up was because of an overly “cautious” (I’m being polite here) adult who constantly tries to pester her into doing the exact opposite of what she’s meant to be doing at her age (and all ages).  Not gonna mention her here, but you probably get my drift …

Key takeaway from all this – is – this – live in the MOMENT, my friend. There truly is no other way.

When it comes to fitness, don’t worry about the bad workout you had yesterday – or what you “think” you may have today.

Don’t worry about “how difficult” the workouts may be – or not.

Don’t worry about the lookie lou’s. Dont’ worry about the gym gorillas telling you pushups don’t build strength. Oh yes they dooooooooo – big time!

Just get on the floor – or chinning bar if you so choose, and start cranking out your 0 Excuses Fitness stuff, my friend.

Live in the moment. Workout in the moment. And so forth.

There truly is NO other way!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Quote of the morning – “Be happy in the HERE and now. That’s really all we need – not more!”.

P.S. #2 – And as far as the gym gorillas and naysayers are concerned, well, HERE is another way to shut ’em up. Get to the point where you can do 10 – or more – perfect pull-ups at a go, and keep doing ’em for reps. Do it in the gym. Watch mouths drop as your bat wings SPREAD!

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