Monday Funday SALE!

Dear Reader,

Well, it seems I certainly WAS knackered on Saturday – about all I did on Sunday was workout (of course)- spend a bit of time with the fam – work a bit more on some biz – and that was about it.

But, today is MONDAY – a day that while it inspires “dread” into the average office goer’s mind does exactly the opposite for me.

Monday – the start of yet another glorious week doing what I truly LOVE – and enjoy doing – that being to bring the very best in fitness techniques and methods to folks like YOU!

Now, I remember telling you I was brewing beer last Monday – in the morning of all timings, hehe. The rice beer is still “brewing” – I think I’ve ended up making wine instead of beer there – but the beer I brewed with BREAD is going GREAT – and those of you on our social media accounts know what I BE yellin about!

And in this merry spirit – here is something I’ve decided to do RIGHT NOW.

I’ve decided to do something I rarely, if ever do – which is to have a SALE.

That’s right – a SAAAAAALE! Discounts. Coupons. Save a few bucks. You get the drift, hehe …

Here is what is going on in this “merry” sale of mine – you’ll get a 25% FLAT discount off the 0 Excuses Fitness System – – which I KNOW many of you are itching to buy, but haven’t as yet.

All you gotta do is enter in the coupon code “MONDAYMERRIMENT” in the box – and it should take care of the discount.

But beware. This sale will not last ONE minute more than Wednesday – and I may even consider pulling it before that based upon demand, downloads etc – so if you’re interested in getting in while the going is good – NOW is the time, my friend.

Hurry on over HERE, and take advantage of this right NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – We’ve been receiving applications galore for affiliates as well (as I mentioned on Saturday) and if you’re interested – here is where you can apply –

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