“Let’s see him take one to the gut”

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Dear Reader,

Back in Feb 2018, during Lunar New Year ’18, I was at my friends house eating dinner.

Was a good ole chicken and rice dinner – – “butter” chicken was what my buddy (he of the Marines, I’m sure you know who I’m talking about!) had prepared.

Now this is an Indian delicacy – NOT one I partake of a lot as if there’s ONE food item that adds lard to the midsection within minutes of Advanced Hill Training taking it OFF – “butter chicken” or “chicken tikka masala” as the West knows it is IT. 

But he did up a pretty good meal, I must admit, and as we ate, we spoke about core training.

As we spoke, a friend of mine came up – a guy who I admire greatly, and who has background in a variety of martial arts, wrestling as well as boxing.

He’s a big strong guy that loves the gym, but strangely enough for one that was involved in a lot of said sports, he’s not much of a one, if at all, for bodyweight exercises.

And his gut shows it. He’s got one of those massive “hard” guts that don’t jiggle when you hit it – which  may sound better than the “jiggly” bellies in theory but it’s not – that subcutaneous fat is a walking invitation to heart disease down the road.

‘Tis something you often see amongst gym goers and bodybuilders alike, along with the “pelican” sydrome as well (teeny weeny chicken legs and a gigantic overdeveloped torso about to topple over like a house of cards on fire).

“He can hit hard, I agree”, I mused. “But he’s way out of shape for a boxer, I must say!”

My friend nodded.

“Heck yeah. Let’s see him take one to the GUT!”

I then invited my friend to “take a few shots” at my midsection.

“Nah”, he said, shaking his head. “I’d be wasting my time!”

Now just so you know, and those reading these dispatches for a while know, my friend from the Marines ain’t no slouch himself. He’s the next best thing to “Giant Gonzalez” (at least judging by those battletank shoulders of his) – and he TOO has background in boxing.

I’ve heard he once punched straight THROUGH a heavy bag and kept going. Ouch!

But he was right in a way.

The Average Joe, and gym goer alike (notwithstanding the fact that most folks that fall into these categories do NOT know how to throw a punch correctly) would be hard pressed to even hurt me if they hit me in the midsection.

In fact, and as I noted in a prior email, it would likely hurt them more than it did me.

This was something emphasized by all the old timers, none more so than Martin Farmer Burns, old time strongman and wrestlers – him of the “hangman’s drop” and 20 inch neck.

In his 1914 mail order course “Lessons in wrestling and physical culture” he wrote that his own abdominal muscles, while soft enough when relaxed were so well developed that when “set” a man could hit with all his force, and he would hardly even feel it.

He also emphasizes the virtues of deep breathing in this and other regards – something I highly advocate as well – so much so that it’s a staple in most of my courses. And if you don’t see it in any one of them – let me know, and I’ll have it put in.

THAT is the goal I had for my abs – a goal I achieved, and a goal that is never ending in terms of how much I can progress further.

Now, I’ve told you before that reverse pushups are one of the BEST ways to develop that set of abs – as well as ab strength from Cain – and I’m not backtracking on this.

In fact, the exercise above is something you need to get cracking on asap, and do so the right way (believe me, a lot of the literature out there on it is utter tosh) if you’re even remotely interested in a set of washboard abs with REAL strength.

But there’s more to it. Far more to it, and in my new course “Corrugated Core“, I give you not one – but FIFTY different exercises, all of which by themselves are excellent for developing the entire midsection and giving you the sort of strength in the core thats mentioned above.

Not only that – remember that muscles by themselves are good, but are invisible if covered in a layer of fat.

And Corrugated Core covers this as well. You’ll literally be sweating off the flab as you go through these exercises – and no, you’ve NOT seen the vast bulk, if any, of these exercises before.

Don’t believe me? Think it’s marketing hype? Well, take this for starters – one of the exercises involves virtually nothing but stretching – on your stomach – and the amount of fat you’ll burn just doing THIS is tremendous, my friend.

That’s right. Just stretching, and thats just ONE of the exercises.

So if you’re even remotely interested in a solid, punch proof core – well, delay no  more, my friend. I’m currently offering this for a measly $54.99-  jump on it while the offer is GOOD!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is that link again – http://0excusesfitness.com/corrugated-core/

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