What is Success?

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Dear Reader,

It’s one of the often discussed topics, isn’t it?

We hear the world success all the time – but what exactly entails success? Money? Power? Wealth?

More “bling”? Being able to keep up with the Jones? Being “high and mighty” and attempting to “lord it over” the have-nots?

All of this, and above is what is commonly thought of as one, or the primary hallmark of success, and I’m here to tell you today that it ain’t so. In fact it REALLY ain’t so.

Real success is actually the polar opposite of all the above …

What IS it, then?

Success is being willing to dream – dream BIG – but more importantly, LATCH on to that dream for dear LIFE – and NEVER BE WILLING to let go, no matter what!

Success, in other words, is to grasp your DREAM – no matter how insurmountable it might seem – BELIEVE in yourself – and then latch on to that dream with a bonafide Gorilla Grip (which, incidentally is the product that sells, and has sold the most for me – go figure, eh?).

On that note, I’ve got bite marks on my right hand today. My little gorilla got overzealous with her gorilla grip today, hehe, and I had to take my hand away or else she’s probably have taken a chunk out of it much as a real gorilla might, hehe.

Success is having an iron will – and about knowing that important as willpower is your IMAGINATION is truly what conquers the world.

As many thinkers over the ages have put it – – the greatest nation on Earth is none other than you IMAGINATION. And it’s true, my friend. It’s true. And success is being able to – or willing to – imagine – and then BELIEVE in the power of that imagination.

Success is staring failure in the eye, and giving it a liver shot – – and doing so over and over again until  it STAYS down.

As Rocky said, “it’ll beat to your knees no matter how strong you are, and it’ll KEEP you there – if you LET it”. That’s straight out of Rocky Balboa, and it ‘s a quote to remember and live your life by, my friend.

Success is seeing zeros in your bank account and knowing – nay – BELIEVING – with an iron will and cast iron mind – that better, much better lies ahead.

Success is about ignoring those who laugh at your dreams and say you’re a fool (or worse) for believing in them – and about setting out to prove to the world that dreams DO indeed come true.

Success is about remembering the following line “Tell the world what you’re going to do – but SHOW them first” (Napoleon Hill).

Success is about ignoring friends and family members who “know it won’t work” and carry one nonetheless.

Success is about NOT giving up when all seems lost. Success is about NOT giving up when it seems like it’s the point of “no-return” (and indeed, the greatest success often occur at this point).

Success, my friend is about all this — and about a lot more — but it’s NOT just about accumulating riches – – or the latest fancy Lamborghini. Sure, those are great – and don’t get me wrong – we’d all love a Ferrari or two, but they aren’t by any yardstick the only measure of greatness or success.

And much more, but talk to any successful person in any area of life and chances are they’ll agree and more.

In terms of fitness, the same thing holds true.

The person who is “naturally thin” (or a beanpole) ain’t any more successful than someone whose slogged for ages to get the weight off – and KEEP it off.

The person whose got “good genetics” isn’t any more successful for his or her 12 pack than the person whose sweated it out galore to GET those abs.

In fact, external trappings of success only last so often if the internal you doesn’t believe you’re a success – or if you haven’t ever taken any action to be successful (case in point being “rich kids” – the “spoiled brats” as it were –  and God knows there’s plenty of them where I live right about now, hehe).

‘Tis fact, my friend. ‘Tis fact, and I’lll close on that note.

But wait – before we go – I’ll bring you a real success story tomorrow – fitness wise, that is – from my buddy Marc.

He’s been attempting to lose the extra flab around his core and midsection for a while now and generally get into overall better shape – – and I’ll share part of his story in tomorrow’s email.

I’m sure it’ll inspire, just as this email did – so stay tuned!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – More such success stories – and success philosophy is mentioned in the 10 Commandments of Physical Success in the 0 Excuses Fitness System and I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if any ONE of these stories don’t inspire you to become a better YOU today, my friend. Grab the system right now, and see for yourself – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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