An absolute state of faith

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Dear Reader,

When  you first start your fitness journey – when you first make a goal to lose a huge amount of excess tonnage – or when you make a goal to start pounding out handstand pushups in sets during your workout – all of these are likely things that seem like a very distant possibility in “practical terms”.

And yes, if you look at that mountain top from the bottom it may seem like a long way up.

But then you visualize as explained in Zero to Hero – – and also in 0 Excuses Fitness via an example.

You visualize, and you then set goals – and you infuse positive energy into your goals and make plans – and in terms of fitness, you either make up your own workout based upon what I’ve taught you in the courses – or you follow one of the sample workouts for a while before modifying it to your needs.

ALL of this is great, my friend, but yet, do you know where most folks fail after this?

It is this – they do all the above – but without FAITH – or should I say, without a strong, heady feeling of FAITH accompanying them all the way!

You  have to make a plan, my friend (this goes for both life and fitness) – and you have to persevere – – but most of all, you’ve GOT TO BACK that plan with FAITH!

Sheer unbending faith that it WILL happen – and once you have that faith in mind – then you’ll feel uplifted automatically.

‘Tis strange, or might sound strange I should say – but every time I encounter what you might consider a crunch situation – I lose ANY and all “trepidation” I might have had before said situation.

I go out there – back my plans – and just do it – and I’m yet to see this method fail for me.

And FAITH, my friend is the main reason this works for me.

Faith in myself – my abilities – my plans – and most of all, the Universe to deliver what I want – at exactly the right time in a way only IT can.

You’ll notice this in big match players, for instance.

A big match player might or might not “over perform” in the league games, but when it’s crunch time?

More often that not – that golf ball DISAPPEARS into the hole – or the ball is smacked straight out of the ground if you’re taking baseball – or the serve ends up being an ace (tennis) – and so forth.

Being I’m in India at this point in time, I’ll give you an example from the 2011(I believe) cricket World Cup where India was up against it in the final.

M.S. Dhoni, the Indian captain came out – promoted himself in the batting order – and literally hammered the visiting Sri Lankans until the match was India’s – – and finished it off with a huge, huge hit out of the stadium.

This is made all the more astounding by the following facts –

The guy had under performed ALL tournament – and people were questioning his tactics.

More pertinently, the guy he had replaced was in excellent hitting form – and yet, he chose to come out at CRUNCH TIME – and take it upon himself to deliver – and deliver he DID – in breathtaking style if I might say so.

I’m not a huge cricket fanatic, but gotta point out when a spade’s a spade – and this guy Dhoni showed NO sign of nerves – or fear – if anything, you could tell from his eyes – his walk – his shots – and his overall demeanor – that he had FAITH  – in spades!

Napoleon Hill states in Think and Grow Rich that –

Faith is the head chemist of the mind. When faith is blended with the vibration of THOUGHT, the subconscious mind instantly picks up the vibration, translates it into it’s spiritual equivalent and transmits it to Infinite Intelligence as it is in the case of prayer.

There is more, and if there’s one chapter I recommend reading in that otherwise EXCELLENT book, it is this!

So that’s today’s lesson – whatever your fitness plan might be – back it with FAITH – and dogged persistence – and you surely shall succeed. There truly is  NO other way.

Last, but not least, the “what if” question might be popping up in your mind right about now?

“What if I fail despite all this?”

“What if I can’t … ”

Well, first off, if these emotions are there in your mind – then you are NOT in a state of “100% faith”. Faith and fear – and “what if’s” – cannot co-exist, and Hill states as much in his book – and I agree with him.

But let’s examine the what if.

If you’ve given your best – and you still can’t make the grade – does it really matter in the grand scheme of things?

No it doesn’t.

What MATTERS is you backed yourself – did the thing – with faith – and gave it a 100% plus and more.

As long as THAT above bit is true, you’ll find you’ll achieve your goals more often than not – and if you don’t – a more worthy one will come along sometime down the road.

‘Tis just the way the Universe functions, my friend.

So again, that is today’s tip. If you workout – have a plan – set some goals – and go GET ’em – with FAITH!


Rahul Mookerjee

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