All you really have is the NOW

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Dear Reader,

When you’re setting out to accomplish a goal – – or visualizing like I speak about so often – – it’s very important to remember that although future goals are DEFINITELY important – at the end of the day, it is the “now” that matters.

Not so much the external circumstances of the “now” you might be facing – good, bad, excellent, or a combination in various shapes, forms and guises perhaps.

What matters if after taking stock of past successes – – and visualizing future successes – – and breathing LIFE into them, you return to the “here and now”.

In short, you live in the now.

This is a key point to note. Many people get so caught up in the future and so “attached to it – that they forget to live in the NOW – and be grateful for the NOW instead of “pining” for the future as it were.

The term “pining” might be a bit extreme, but you’d be amazed at how “attached” people get to their goals and forget to “let go” of ’em so they can actually manifest!

Creating something requires you to “WANT” it at your very core – but also let go – if you don’t – you create “need” instead of “want” and we all know what happens when you “run after something”, don’t we?

It runs further, and further and further away from us, and so is the case with goals – both FITNESS WISE and life wise.

Back to the present, and living in the present.

Are you breathing deeply – – as of THIS moment, and feeling RELAXED, and ENJOYING life for what it is – good ole LIFE?

Are you APPRECIATIVE of all the things you HAVE – – as opposed to the multitude of things you might say you don’t have – – or “need” – – or even “want”?

Are you doing your best to add value in whatever line of work you’re in – – see the post on DOING things a certain WAY?

If you’re working out, are you fully immersed in your workout – – and determined to give it the best shot you’ve got?

And so forth.

These are ultra simple, yet uber powerful questions we ALL need to be asking ourselves on a daily basis, yours truly included.

I’ve got multiple goals at this point in my life, the most primary one of which is not fitness related, and yet, I’m in no way “attached” to that goal.

Does that mean I don’t want it?

Of course not! I WANT it – and I’ll have it – – but the key thing for me is to continuously remind myself that the PRESENT is ultimately what leads to the FUTURE.

This is a lesson I learnt (amongst many others) when I was getting my weight down from 120 – 60 kgs.

When I woke up at 5:30 A.M. in the morning, the first thing I’d do would be to jump out of bed – not necessarily because I HAD achieved my goal – or was going to that day – but because I had a daily goal of X number of climbs to accomplish (amongst one thing).

When I was aiming towards a 100 pull-ups per workout – and a 100 handstand pushups per workout – and so forth, none of these things seemed “within my grasp” in the NOW- and yet – I believed it was merely a matter of time before I got there.

I could SEE myself there – and I armed myself with this spirit in the “now” (back then) – and now?

Well, I’m teaching people how to do exactly what I did, both in terms of pull-ups and fitness in general – – and achieve the same results or better!

And one of the main keys for me to be even able to do this is this – I focused and still focus, at the end of the day on what I can do NOW – in the here and now. At this point in time. Right NOW!

You, my friend, would be well advised to do the same as well.

So if you’re currently stuck at handstand pushups, for instance, visualize the future.

Visualize yourself being able to pop ’em off – – and do so with PASSION – – but once you’re done, return to the present, and focus on what you can do NOW.

Perhaps it’s attempting to hold a handstand. Perhaps it’s a partial handstand. Perhaps it’s ONE handstand held for a few seconds.

Whatever it is, concentrate and focus on what you’re doing NOW – – in the spirit of “having already achieved your goal” – – and you’ll find your results dramatically accelerate – – for the BETTER!

Ok, my friend. That’s it for today – and I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If all you’re able to do right now in terms of exercise is ONE pushup, and perhaps a few squats, well – take heart, for one. You are certainly not alone in that regard! Make up your mind to get better at them, and get better you will. And after this, focus on getting better in the HERE and now – – with all the tools I’ve outlined in the 0 Excuses Fitness System right here – – You simply cannot go wrong!

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