The ultimate fat SMELTER

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Dear Reader,

And … man boob blaster, I should say. Or “bingo wings fryer”. Or, “lard lump whacker”.

Or perhaps most accurately “love handle blaster” (hey, shouldn’t they start calling them “hate” handles – – after all, no-one really loves them or finds them s-e-x-y – – or do they? hehe).

Those that like their “meat” big might disagree on that last one, but hey, by and large I doubt excess fat around anyone’s midsection is their idea of “lovely” – let alone falling in love with them “squishy mooshy” (as my daughter loves to say) handles.

Anyway, while I haven’t seen any of the above for a long, long time – – I just got done with an awesome workout. I was dripping with sweat in 35 minutes flat, and my abdomen literally felt like it was turned inside out.

And I’ve got NO doubt whatsoever that tomorrow morning – –  a good 10 hours or so after the workout – I’ll still be feeling it in my shoulders, core and lats.

But that ain’t the reason I’m writing to you about this.

It’s because what I just did could well be considered the ULTIMATE fat blasting workout – for those that can handle it, of course.

What did I do?

Well, it’s none of the usual culprits. Although those are excellent fat blasters in their own regard what I did tonight trumps all of the above by a long, long shot.

It’s a no contest basically – and it involves a heavy bag.

What it does NOT involve though is this – improper breathing, punching “like a madman” with no technique and form or “going all out” without proper form – or a combo of the above – and if you’ve ever hit a heavy bag for any length of time, you KNOW what I’m talking about with regard to the above.

You may or may not know what I’m talking bout w.r.t the “ultimate fat blaster”, but it’s indeed so potent that I’m considering putting out a mini-course on it too.

On second thoughts, I may include that in “Advanced 0 Excuses Fitness” – for those that can handle it, of course!

So if heavy bag routines are your thing – and you’d like me to put out a course focusing on heavy bag training to BLAST fat and build a ton of useful, functional MUSCLE – then let me know, and I’ll see what I can do!

And the most amazing part? 

The real “fat smelting” effect of this takes place in less than a MINUTE – if you can last that long, that is.

It’s akin to doing sprints – for the upper body – if you get my drift!

It ain’t for everyone tho, I’ll say that upfront – and again, if you’re interested, shoot me a line and I’ll see what I can dish up.

Meanwhile, remember that there are plenty of other fat blasters you can take advantage of – right now.

Hindu Squats, as covered in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – – – – are a great, great overall muscle builder and fat blaster.

And yes, these are one of those exercises that’ll get the heart thumping and sweat pouring within less than a minute as well. If you’re just starting out, I’ll bet dollars to donuts 20-25 is all you’ll be able to pop off – – this is EVEN if you’ve been doing squats with heavy, ponderous weights for years!

Advanced Hill Training is another such little gem of a book that contains plenty of routines that’ll get your attention – within 30 seconds or less in the case of some people – and you’ll literally see the man boobs – – or “turkey neck” – – or whatever it is – – melting straight before your very eyes as you go through the movements.

So until I come out with the new course I’m referring to – there is plenty to keep you busy – healthy – and fat free, my friend.

Grab one of these tools TODAY and start cranking that internal fat furnace of yours pronto!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Talking about fat smelting and the like – – my new course Corrugated Core is disappearing off the shelves as far as it can be “virtually” stocked, hehe. Grab your copy right here – –

P.S. #2 – And if you’re making the oft made mistake of thinking that Advanced Hill Training doesn’t work without hills, slopes or inclines – – well, you’re sadly mistaken, my friend. It works just as well anywhere — find out just how effective these routines are on flat ground by actually doing ’em first- –

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