Can you really get fit in 15 minutes – or less?

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Dear Reader,

One of the main draws of the 0 Excuses Fitness program, and indeed one of the benefits I emphasize heavily is this – – the fact that you can get super fit – – and get a great, great workout in within 15 minutes or less – – right there in your living room.

Yes, it’s possible to blowtorch fat off your body in this time frame. YES, it’s possible to increase strength and flexibility at the same time – as well as build supreme internal health and vitality – as well as the strength of your inner ORGANS.

And the videos in the System should be proof enough that this is  possible!

But, down the years, people have had questions.

Is it REALLY possible to lose weight in such a short time – with no equipment? Is it REALLY possible to get better at pushups while spending less than or equal to 15 minutes daily?

And so forth – and my answer has always been YES – but I’ve still had my fair share of naysayers and hecklers regardless.

Well, oldtime French strongman Adrian Peter Schmidt might just agree with me as well – – with a host of other oldtime strongmen as well!

Before I explain more, here are some RESULTS that Schmidt obtained via his  methods – – He could press more than 1.5 times his bodyweight overhead – – not to mention perform TEN consecutive ONE FINGER pull-ups – at age 68 – – amongst many more, but those two should be proof enough, methinks!

In his 1901 book  “Illustrated Hints for Health and Strength for busy people“, he said pretty much the same thing as I’m saying – – and that old time strongmen have said throughout the ages — that yes, BRIEF and intense workouts are what get the job done!

Curiously enough that book doesn’t contain any exercises that you may think are strenous – – but DO these exercises daily, and you’ll feel a sense of vim and vigor flooding over you every morning as you complete ’em – – and this quite literally, as he says, “will put you in a condition to go through your daily work with ease and pleasure!”.

And ’tis true, my friend – ’tis true – and we can’t argue with the results this man obtained, can we?

But wait – there is more.

To those who feel that deep breathing is just a bunch of “hocus pocus” and “not really useful” – and all that –  here is my answer yet again – NO, it’s not!

Your breath is literally your power – – and Schmidt, along with a host of other strongmen espouse this fact in ALL their courses and manuals.

So yes – 15 minutes or less DOES it – – and guess what – – the workouts may not even last that long when you first start!

When you first banging out the squats, 3-5 minutes is all you’ll be able to do – WITH rest periods – but if you do ’em correctly, those few minutes will literally OPEN the floodgates to your lungs – and PAVE the way for a rollicking day ahead – as you feel great and go about your daily work with increased gusto and enthusiasm.

Ditto for the pushups – especially some of the Hindu push-ups and reverse pushups I advocate!

And of course – best part – you’re getting a workout in right there in your living room – a composite workout that delivers results accordingly too.

Can’t beat that, methinks!

So if you haven’t already – don’t run – but SPRINT – on over to the order page and place your order for the ONE exercise system out there that literally has the potential to change your life, my friend.

Here is where to do it – –


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – You may never get to the point where you can pound out ONE one finger pull-ups, let alone tons of them – but what about doing more than 20 daily? What about doing 50 pull-ups – or a 100 – DAILY – over the course of a year? If you think that sort of training will literally TRANSFORM your body, you’re right, my friend. Learn how to get to those levels right here – –


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