“Expect” Vs “Want”

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Dear Reader,

I’ve written a lot before on the topic of visualizing your goals – and doing so with deep, deep emotions in order to quicken manifestation of said goals.

While this certainly isn’t a “silver bullet” or “fast track solution (as in “magic” solution) to end all your woes instantly, the changes that take place in your psyche often times make it FEEL like it’s nigh instantaneous in many regards, even though nothing tangible has changed on the outside – YET.

And there are ways to ramp up this level of emotion – to ramp up the art of visualizing exactly what you want – and then (as I’m going to talk about today) – EXPECTING it.

When you want something, you picture it in your mind – but you don’t just stop there.

You picture it in your mind with deep emotion – and then you DO what it takes to get you there – but again – one you do that – there is one crucial step that most people miss – a step that gets you to your goal much quicker than you would WITHOUT it.

What is that? Well, before telling you – a quick example.

When I first got into “super fitness” mode, it was a challenge for sure to get the pounds off after years of “moderate and not daily” activity on a regular basis.

It was a challenge to get to pumping out 50 – and then 100 pushups per day – and then more – and then KEEP at it as well.

It was a challenge to wake up at what to me seemed like an Ungodly hour and go hiking – and yet, as I did all this, I didn’t just “do the thing and hope it happened”.

I had a picture in my mind of what I wanted – the results I expected from my training – AS I trained – and I’d literally EXPECT these results to show up each and every time I trained.

Now don’t get me wrong. I didn’t expect miracles. I did NOT expect to get bound from 5 pull-ups to a 100 plus in a day or so – but I DID expect constant, ongoing and QUICK improvement, and I did so on a regular basis!

And this brings me to today’s tip – don’t just WANT the best. Expect it – and expect more of it deeply on a regular basis, and you’ll be amazed to see that life DOES indeed give you the best – or gets you there – on a regular basis as well!

Claude Bristol talks about this in the Magic of Believing as well. He says that expectation plays a huge role in bringing us the results we desire. Quoting from his book – –

Strange as it may sound, we usually get we anticipate.

And if you anticipate increasing your sales, and believe you’re going to do it, your sales will mount just as though some invisible friend were helping out. The idea of anticipation holds in everything you do.

And therein lies the crucial message for today – Visualize, believe – and then DO – but also EXPECT good things to come your way!

For a few days now (actually a week or so), I’ve been having “flashes” during my training where I suddenly (literally out of the blue) see myself hitting targets I’ve envisioned in the past, both biz wise and life wise – despite there being no “tangible progress” on the outside. 

And I feel that “something good is going to happen” feeling come over me every time this happens.

When the vast majority of folks wake up every day, their feeling isn’t one of “something good is going to happen today”. Its more like “Ho hum, how do I get through this day” – or “I’ve got so much to do today!” … and thus forth.

Instead of the latter feelings, try picturing something GOOD happening to you every day – both before you go to bed the night before, and the morning immediately after.

Do so with deep emotion. EXPECT good things to happen – and keep moving towards your goals – and you’ll get there with lightning speed, my friend.

Wanting something is good – great in fact – but when you add EXPECT into the equation after inserting “DO” – then the results that follow are truly mindboggling – and this holds true no matter if you’re trying to get to a 100 pull-ups from a measly 5 – – or write several books despite not having written one or many at all – – or turn a business around from “Zero to Hero“.

The list goes on and on and on, my friend.

So thats today’s lesson. Visualize – and EXPECT the best – and then work towards it. You’ll be nigh astounded at the results!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – An exercise that lends itself ESPECIALLY well to visualization is Hindu pushups. The motion itself lends itself to intense concentration and a feeling of “disconnectedness” and increased awareness – and goals become blindingly clear in your mind as you literally flow between the downward dog and upward dog positions. You’ll see what I mean when you follow along in the Videos!

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