How to GIVE more – and receive plenty!

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Dear Reader,

One of the key things to note about life – or fitness – or anything in general, really is that a) you get what you put into it and b) you give BEFORE you can receive.

The first part is understood by most people, but the second part is often NOT very well understood – or received – especially in our modern day “instant gratification” society.

We expect everything instantly – like NOW – and it doesn’t work that way, my friend.

You don’t just bound from a perch on the couch for years to become a lean’mean fighting machine.

You don’t just rebound within a day from years of financial woes – and you certainly don’t change your underlying mindset about money, or life either “within the blink of an eye” as it were, although it sometimes CAN feel like that is precisely what is happening.

No – you give first before you receive.

Now, a lot of folks complain about “giving” in terms of fitness – but not “receiving”.

So you have person A complaining about doing cardio galore at the gym, for instance, but not receiving results REMOTELY close to what he or she had expected with this sort of thing. If anything, the flab shows back up the minute he/she stops the pavement – or treadmill – pounding – and it stays there, and GROWS.

Or you may have people that complain of “trying to do handstand pushups“, but never getting there.

And though these people are DOING THE THING, there is one KEY factor they’re missing.

What might this be, you ask?

Well – it boils down to this – that old concept of DOING things – a certain WAY!

Yes, I’ve linked repeatedly to this post. I’ve stressed it galore. I keep pounding it in via what Claude Bristol calls the “tap tap repetitive” method of influencing the subconscious – because it really IS that important.

And in this case, the certain way is this – you give – FREELY – of your own volition – and with no “terms and conditions attached”.

There have been times in my life when (hard as that might sound to believe) – I was in the hole FINANCIALLY. Big time – and yet – every time I needed help, people showed up to help me – seemingly out of the blue.

And these people in EACH AND EVERY CASE ended up getting MORE than they helped me with – and a KEY fact to consider here is this – they did it freely – with an open heart!

An expression in the Old Testament reads thus “Cast thy bread upon the waters; for thou shalt find it after many days”.

This, my friend is the key concept I’m referring to.

Bread tossed upon the waters WITH AN OPEN HEART – and no unrealistic “expectations” does indeed come back to you – manifold at that – and I’ve experienced this MANY a times as well, over and over and over again.

It might not always return in the form you expected – or from the person  you expected it from – – but return it does, and always manifold, my friend.

Napoleon Hill spoke about this at length as well when he mentioned the “Law of Increasing Returns” – as well as the “Law of Universal Compensation” and he was spot on.

This very same concept applies to fitness as well.

If you do your pushups with a “ho hum, I gotta get through this” attitude – you’ll probably never get better at them at the level you desire to.

If you do your handstands with a “hang dog” expression – and thought processes of “Oh, God, I gotta get through this torture somehow” – then guess what. Not only will it feel like torture, but you won’t get near the amount of gains as you would if you had pursued the activity with an ABUNDANT and EAGER mindset!

Back when I was getting fit, I did the thing – daily at 530 A.M. in the morning followed by OTHER things – and I banged out each and every day in the right spirit.

Sure, I had good workouts. Bad workouts. “In between” times. But I stuck to it regardless, and always in the right spirit – and the results are there for all to see!

So thats today’s tip, and if there ever was an important one to give, it is this.

Give freely – and with a clean heart – in all endeavors – and you’ll be nigh astounded at the manifold returns down the line!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – This holds especially true for the style of exercises/workouts I mention in 0 Excuses Fitness. Do the pushups – work at ’em until you get better, for instance, and 10 will soon turn into 100 – and 150 – and then 250 – and more! Before you know it you’ll be at the magic 500. The key is to start – and start SOMEPLACE – right here – –


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