“That’s Brave!”

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Dear Reader,

Back in the day, before one of my oh-so-frequent visits to China, I was speaking to an ESL recruiter – this was back when I DID work full time, and figured I’d try my hand at teaching English (full time) for a change.

I think her name was “Sandy”, if I’ve got it right, and one of the first things she asked me was this “Do you have a job in hand right now?”


“Oh, then where are you now? Back home in the U.S.?”

“No, I’m here in China”

“Here in China?? Without a job?? But … ”

“It felt like the right thing to do, so I did it”, I responded, grinning like a Cheshire cat from ear to ear on the wechat call.

She then asked me about my family, and I told her I had a wife and young kid.

“Wow! You moved to a different country with NO guarantees of a job, and ….” her voice tailed off. “That’s brave, for sure!”

And so it has been with ALL my decisions I’ve taken in life until now, my friend.

The fact is that I never did end up teaching English at that point in China – I ended up working full time for a factory as an I.T. engineer … but, the point stands regardless.

Most of the time, my decisions (which are ALL taken quickly and based upon what my gut tells me) are “lauded” as “Wow, thats brave!” (the polite version) or “foolhardy” – or way, way worse than that, hehe.

And ’tis true if you  look at it a certain way.

Decisions made this way are certainly “brave” in that they make not a shred of sense if you look at them (at that point in time) from a logical standpoint, and yet looking back, hindsight isn’t 20/20 – – it turns out to be ZERO basically – – as all the dots line up way, way better than they would have if one would have followed a strictly logical plan.

Don’t get me wrong. Logic is damned important, but our subconscious minds make the final decision on what is going to happen, and when – regardless of what our “conscious” minds tell us.

In the Magic of Believing, Claude Bristol repeatedly stresses the importance of the mirror technique and other similar methods to impress your goals FIRMLY upon the subconscious in a way that they cannot be erased or replaced easily.

And he goes to say that while you can, should and MUST demand plans of the subconscious, these plans for everyone may not appear in the form of a clear blueprint.

For some folks, you may suddenly get the urge to do something out of the blue. Call a certain person – flip to a certain page in the newspaper (or, as I do so often, write an email to my list).

Just do it, is what he says, and the end result will make the “why’s” and “wherefore’s” of seemingly irrelevant things perfectly relevant at the end of it all.

And he’s right, my friend.

He’s spot on – and going back to being BRAVE – believe you me, it takes guts to look at your obese or horribly unfit (or both) self in the mirror and demand CHANGE from yourself.

It takes guts to keep trying to do 10 pushups in a row when you can barely do one – and KEEP at it for as long as it takes despite physical changes not manifesting instantly.

And it sure takes guts for a person that doesn’t wake up before 10 A.M. on most days – weekdays included – to wake up at 5:30 A.M. in the mornings to go for a hike in the mountains!

And so forth.

But these brave decisions are what generate results – both in terms of LIFE – and in terms of fitness as well.

So if there’s ONE tip I can leave you with today – it is this – come to terms with your INNER – as well as BRAVER self.

You’ll be all the better off for it – that I do guarantee!



Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – It takes guts aplenty to do something apart from the norm – and more so when the chips are down – either in terms of fitness – or LIFE itself. But believe me now and trust me later – it’s all WELL worth it – and that is why I repeatedly stress investing in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – its the very best investment you’ll make in terms of your health, strength and overall fitness and vitality levels! Go here right now and grab your copy – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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