Moscow Subway Squats

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Dear Reader,

Came across a most interesting and innovative way of getting folks fit today in Russia of all places – that being to give them FREE subway tickets – if they can do a certain number of squats (at one go).

Yes, that is correct – if you can do 30 squats (either Hindu or freestanding) at ONE go without stopping, you’ll get a free subway ticket in Moscow (at least at one of the stations).

And guess what – this isn’t something new either – this has been around for ages, apparently – 5 years to be exact if I understand it correctly from the following Forbes link –

You’ll see that passengers are being asked to perform squats standing on a sensor in front of a special ticket vending machine – – and there is a “countdown” on the screen which shows you the remaining number of reps.

Finish the 30 reps, and you get a free ticket. Else you’re paying 30 rubles from what I understand – which seems to be the price of a ticket back then at that station!

Anyway, like I said it’s been around for a while now – and while I don’t know how many in Moscow are part of the “0 Excuses faithful“, chances are if they ARE – they’ll be getting free subway tickets galore.

They show a man doing 30 REGULAR squats in the video – something that would be child’s play to someone that can pound out a 100 Hindus in less than 3 minutes – and as for 30?

For me, that would be a little less than a warm “wake up” call – – and I’m willing to bet it’s the same for those that have done the high rep squat workouts I detail in 0 Excuses Fitness!

So there’s another added incentive for you to get fit – at least in Moscow!

Truth be told though, subway stations all over the world have their own ways of encouraging fitness.

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but in the past I’ve spoken about how the New Delhi (in India) metro station have heart health signs plastered all over the subway stations, especially those with overhead trains (quite a sprint to the top if I might say so myself).

“Take stairs, help heart”, or something to that effect if I recall correctly – and though most of the signs are ignored (the only action I saw back when I took the subway in Delhi was people goggling at the signs while on the escalators), what the signs say are TRUE, my friend.

Reminds me of the time I was 26, unmarried – with long, long hair – and used to literally RUN up them stairs as I went on to work at THAT company I’ve mentioned.

Was quite a sight, hair flying as I flew up the stairs, heavy laptop bag in tow as well, and sometimes done in full “dress” attire!

Was a great, great way to start my day – – and a great finisher to my 250 pushup workouts which I did BEFORE work – – and a fantastic way to ensure overall health and fitness regardless of external conditions or what not.

And that, my friend is a great way for YOU too to ensure overall health and fitness with an activity you can get in at almost ANY big city around the world.

I don’t care if you’re in the Big Apple – the Big Easy – or Hong Kong – or London – virtually every big city in the world has subways we use – and there’s a workout in each of them staring you right in the face!

Make sure to take advantage of what I told you the next time you ride the subway – ah, and if you pass the “Moscow” subway test (if they’re still doing it) – give me a holla and let me know!!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you want to get into the sort of shape where you can literally “fly up” subway stairs as onlookers look on in awe and amazement – well – then the right sort of foundation is key. Build that foundation right here – –

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