Achievement is intricate

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Dear Reader,

Achievement in any field – fitness, life, relationships, or anything in general doesn’t come about due to “chance” or “good luck” – or anything of that nature.

It doesn’t necessarily boil down to “who had the best plan either”. Some of the best plans are the plans conceived ON the fly – plans you receive from the Infinite – if you only know how to communicate with it first!

These plans may seem strange when you look at them. They may seem completely “out there” and ludicrous to some – but when that final result occurs, you’ll look back and it’ll make sense.

In fact, the “plan to have no plan” can often times produce a plan so brilliant in it’s conception and INTRICACY that it boggles the mind!

I’ve often spoken about how plans devised by the conscious mind are overrated – and today I’ll tackle this from a different angle.

Have you ever seen a spider weave it’s web?

You know, spiders? Those annoying little creatures that seem to pop up in corners of room – perhaps bathrooms as well – anywhere there is a lot of dust – and in “musty” areas in general.

Have you ever seen those spiders weave their webs?

A spider web is one of the most intricate creations (along with honeycombs and beehives) that nature has to offer – – and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that spiders literally weave engineering marvels every day of their life.

They do it day in and day out, by the way. When a human breaks the web – they don’t go into a corner and “give up”. No, they scurry for cover, and the next thing you know that darn web is being built again – – wide and open – – to ensnare any and all prey in an indirect manner that the spider has perfected over the ages!

It might sound strange, but we’ve got a lot to learn from the spider in many regards.

And any achiever will tell you – anyone that’s done anything of NOTE that is – is that there is NO one “plan” – or “set journey” to success.

Sure, there are guidelines. Sure, you do what has worked for others in the past – but it’ll never quite be the SAME thing for me – and the more noteworthy your goal is (to you) – the MORE this will hold true.

All the great achievers of yore have several things in common, but their exact path to success is one that they forged and discovered themselves while ON the way to success. 

Much the same as a spider web, your road to success won’t necessarily be a “straight one” – and I’m talking fitness here as well as life, my friend.

Dr. Maltz correctly noted in Pyscho Cybernetics that a missile “zigs and zags” before hitting it’s final target, and the same thing holds true for goals you set.

It’s nigh impossible to accomplish anything of note without bringing the subconscious into play, and once you do so successfully – it will provide you with the plans you need to get to where you want to go.

But it’ll be intricate. A delicately woven web of surprises, ups and downs, and seemingly more troughs than peaks – before that final success which will occur so quickly and all of a sudden that it’ll leave you spellbound.

And I should know, my friend. I should know. This has happened to me in MANY areas of my life before – fitness, life, relationships, and just about anything I can think of!

So fitness wise, remember that your journey to the final goal will not always be a “premeditated” one.

You may find that one fine day  you get a little weary of the repeated pushup workouts – and suddenly feel this urge to move on to PULL-UPS – or perhaps even handstand pushups.

I know it – I felt this urge years ago, and it’s certainly no coincidence that I’m the pull-up monster I am now – and none of it would have happened if I had not followed my inner voice in that regard.

Does this mean I slacked off on my pushups – or other fitness goals?

Not in the least. If anything, this “on the fly of the moment” plan worked out EVEN better for me in terms of overall fitness, pull-ups and that Gorilla Grip I speak about so often, hehe.

It will all work out for the good – if you have a VISION in mind first – and then trust the Universe to deliver things to you in the intricate and eternal way only it can!

And on that note, it’s adios for now, my friend. I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

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