Let it go – let it happen!

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Dear Reader,

One of the key mistakes most people make when setting goals – including fitness goals (I should say ESPECIALLY fitness goals – as well as money related goals) is this – they don’t let go of their desire even after correctly broadcasting it to the Universe – both in terms of thought and ACTION.

What do I mean here?

Well, I wrote a great little post about “letting it go”  – a while back – one you’ll find if you search through the blog archives, but for now, let me reiterate that while YES – a strong WHITE HOT flame of desire is the starting point of all desire (as well as a key component of making things HAPPEN) – there is a fine line between”over-reaching” for the goal and “desiring it deeply enough to make it happen”.

Back when I was dropping more than a few lbs, I had my goals. Hell, I didn’t just have written goals – – I had very vivid and detailed PICTURES of how I wanted to look once the “job was done” – – and I visited these pictures in my mind regularly, just as I keep asking you to do.

But here’s the key – once I got down to doing – I trusted and believed these goals would manifest – and while I thought about ’em all the time while training, I did NOT spend time worrying about the “how’s and when’s”.

In other words, I trusted it would happen – and I let it go. And it happened – and the results were beyond my wildest expectations.

This same thing happened me to many moons ago in China as well when I was laid off from my first job – and had a month to find the next.

It was NOT easy for foreign devils to find full time employment of the sort I had back then (an expat job if I might say so – with all the benefits etc) – – especially not in my field, which back then was I.T.

But I believed – I did what I had to do – and despite the fact that even the CONTACT for the job I was going to eventually get did not show up until about a week before my visa was set to expire – I did NOT lose faith.

I believed – and kept believing – and kept doing the thing – and then magically, somehow, It all happened — and a week or so after expiry of my visa, I was back in China on a new visa – – and a new and better job!

There’s a lesson to be learnt here.

You visualize – you do so with deep emotion – but once that is done – you don’t “set expectations” of “how” and “when”.

You trust and BELIEVE in your HEART OF HEARTS that the Universe is pulling FOR you as opposed to AGAINST you – and you leave it at that.

Divine timing if I might say so is better than any sort of pre-meditated or pre-planned timings we might have in our own minds! 

Claude Bristol makes an excellent point in this regard in “The Magic of Believing” – perhaps the BEST point in the entire book.

He gives us the example of if we were to want a new house.

You get your visuals going – you get your affirmations going – and you repeat these to yourself until you BELIEVE in your heart of hearts the house is yours – and you back this up with action.

Quoting ahead –

After that, the subconscious goes to work to provide you with that house. It may come into manifestation in any number of ways. But do you really care whether you build it with your own hands, or whether it comes to you through purchase, or from the actions of of outsiders? How it comes to you is of no great consequence!

Sage indeed, my friend. Sage indeed, and this is perhaps the best of all the invaluable golden nuggets spread out through the book …

And THIS is what I’m referring to.

If you have financial goals, for instance, you might get your affirmations going to “have an abundant life” – – but do you really care HOW that abundant life comes about?

Do you really want to set expectations in terms of “I’ll be working A job – in city B – and making X amount of money?”

More to the point, do you really CARE?

How about letting the Universe decide the HOW – – while you present it with what you WANT?

This is a powerful concept indeed, and one we would do good to remind ourselves of occasionally – or often – and it is also one of the key components of “getting into flow” and STAYING there as I keep talking about!

Fitness wise, your six pack may come about through pull-ups – or pushups – or long walks – or a combo of all the above – or none.

Key thing is you have your goal – and you DO – and then RELEASE the “how”.

THAT, my friend is the entire key – – and that is the missive for today!

I’ll be back again with more. In the meantime, if you work out today – keep it real  – – and have a great, great one!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you enjoy messages of this nature, then one of my recent books “Gumption Galore” will be RIGHT UP your alley. Grab it right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/gumption-galore/

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