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We’ve all heard the saying, of course.

Dream big – Dream success – Dream <insert whatever you want to accomplish> – but have any of us actually stopped to consider where that saying came from?

When most people think of dreams in this regard, it’s “conscious” dreams – which applied properly turns into powerful visualization exercises – – and done without purpose or intent ends up being nothing more than shallow daydreaming.

And it’s those daydreams that most people think of when it comes to “dreaming big” – or dreaming anything you want out of your life, for instance.

Most of us have been programmed since childhood to do the exact opposite of follow one’s dreams – and as for dreaming big?

How dare we?!

It’s never a good thing to dream so big! Start Small! And so forth …

And while it may not sound true to begin with, the fact is that THIS is exactly how the majority of people function on a subconscious level – which explains why it’s only a select few that really end up GETTING what they want out of life in general.

Dr. Maltz spoke about this in Pyscho Cybernetics where he says your self image is what really governs your accomplishments – or failures – or direction you’re headed in life overall.

In short, your self image is literally the commanding General of where you’re currently headed in life – – and if your self image is poor, you’ll never end up getting where you want to be with all the conscious effort in the world – UNLESS you change your self image first.

As the good Doc rightly says, you may “rise above” your self image for a while – but like a rubber band pulled too hard – it’ll snap you right back to where your self image believes you belong – and usually with a sold THUD at that.

Belief, my friends, is what it’s all about! 

I wrote about this yesterday – and it’s TRUE. Every word of it and I should know. Boy should I know!

My parents unwittingly (and perhaps in some cases knowingly) did a massive number on me as I was growing up – and I’m not the only case by a long, long shot here. The only thing different about me is I always knew “conforming” didn’t work – and WOULDN’T work for me – and hence the way my life has turned out ever since.

Now back to dreams – once you start BELIEVING in yourself – and once you start delving into the spiritual, you’ll likely start having vivid dreams.

And while folks are  quick to dismiss dreams as bunk and hocus pocus – – think again, my friend.

Your dreams are how your subconscious talks to you – if you LET it. 

Your dreams tell you how you’re really feeling on a subconscious level. Ignore them at your own peril!

Many a times I’ve programmed my brain to search for a solution to a specific problem while I slept – and it’s never ever disappointed me.

True, as Claude Bristol rightly said the “how” of the solution might be completely different from how I “intended” the issue to be resolved – but does one really care?

I think not.

And I’ve done the same thing in terms of my writing and work in general. Folks often query how I bang out 20,000 words on a regular basis while writing – and how it’s so “effortless” for me.

Well – – the physical part isn’t effortless – – but the MENTAL part of it is where it’s ALL at – and that is what makes it’s effortless.

Folks talk about writer’s block, for instance. I’ve NEVER EVER in my entire life experienced this even once, and that is saying something I’d say.

Now, in terms of fitness?

Believe it or not, if you’ve been overweight for a long time – or if you’ve had issues that prevented you from getting in the best shape of your life – or if you were a “sickly young lad that got sand kicked in his face by a stud replete with girlfriend (Charles Atlas” – and so forth – chances are EXCELLENT and second to none you’re actually SCARED of coming “face to face” with a lean, mean, FIT you!

I know how this goes, my friend.

I was your archetypical skinny runt for most of my life that got the snot beat out of me galore in school etc – and my parents didn’t do much to change the self image that developed as a result.

It was only once I really got into fitness at a deep level that things started to change – and today if there is anything I’m scared of – it’s an UNFIT me.

Fit to me, is as natural as taking a shower is for most people. Like a girl I had dinner with me in January remarked, “You can eat what you like. Your body has completely changed from the inside out!”.

She was right – it has – but the key is I changed my THINKING first!

And lest you think dreaming success – or fitness – is hooey and a crock – I have this to say to you – TRY it first.

Every night, before lopping off to bed for the next week, affirm what it is you really want in terms of FITNESS to yourself – BEFORE you go to sleep.

Maybe it’s to lose 30 kgs. Maybe it’s to do sets of 10 pull-ups effortlessly.

Perhaps it’s to build shoulders like Boulders. Whatever it is, AFFIRM it to yourself – and DEMAND your subconscious to work in that direction – and if you do this right, believe you me, the results will literally astound you.

I’ll have more on this later, but for now – do this for a week – and then get back to me – and then let’s talk!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I’m out for now – but remember that talking to your subconscious isn’t always as “effortless” as it sounds. I’ve been doing this for YEARS now, and I’ve still only barely SCRATCHED the surface of what is out there on this topic. And this is one area I help folks with in my coaching services. If that interests you, feel free to apply right here – – http://0excusesfitness.com/coaching – and we’ll get back to you asap!

P.S# 2 – And if you haven’t already, grab a copy of Fast and Furious Fitness – and then of course 0 Excuses Fitness. Compare the two, and let me know if you see – or FEEL – a difference!

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