Bonafide “Building shaker” workouts!

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Many moons ago, or perhaps not so long ago – in 2009, as it were, my landlord (who was then living in the apartment on the ground floor of a building where we had rented the TOP floor) made a comment I’ll never forget.

“Rahul, do you workout”, he casually asked me once as I was going out to buy groceries.

Now, bear in mind this was the pre 0 Excuses Fitness days – as in, I worked out – but I wasn’t in near the sort of shape as I am now – but I worked out daily regardless.

Was doing a lot of the wrong things and eating a lot of the wrong things as well back then. Anyhow …

“Yes, I do”, I grinned back, looking at him. He was one of those reedy thin waspish looking “henpecked” sort of dudes – the sort you wouldn’t hold your  breath on lasting more than a second or so in any sort of decent physical endeavor.

“I know! Every morning, isn’t it?”

“Yes, every morning”, I replied. I was jumping rope and doing handstand pushups daily in those days – – and he continued thereafter.

“Yes, I know! The whole building shakes!”

“REally?? Just from the rope jumps?”

Apparently it did, according to him – – and while it was no doubt in part due to the crappy construction in the neck of the woods I was in at that point (I was in a section of India at that point) – – the comment still amused me galore.

And it stuck with me until this day – until one of my (let’s just say “neighbors”) right now made a similar comment.

Except these “neighbors” are on the top floor of the house I’m in at this point in time – – and I’m on the bottom – exactly the opposite situation from before.

“Rahul, whatever you do, stop it! The whole house literally SHAKES!” exclaimed a cantankerous resident one day – – quite literally “not believing” that it was me hitting a heavy bag of all things that was causing it.

“Who on earth hits a heavy bag that hard???! Hmmmpph!”

And with that parting comment, off she went, nose HIGH up in the air as it were.

Hey, what can I say. It’s a heavy bag – and it’s part of my “minute long SUPER fat blaster” routine that I’ve detailed (or mentioned) before – – and if there’s one thing you don’t do with a heavy bag it’s kiss it – or pussyfoot around it.

You hit it – you hit that sucker HARD – and heavy – and you keep doing it with proper form for reps (or rounds) galore!

Anyway, thats when you know you’ve got a good workout in – – when the people living on the floor ABOVE you start complaining about a heavy bag on the ground floor – – or the people living on the ground floor start pissing and moaning about someone jumping rope on the TOP floor.

Says a lot as well about the state of construction in India (thats where I was during BOTH the instances mentioned). Remember, these ain’t the “wooden floor” apartments so common back Stateside – these are floors made of cement – supposedly so!

Anyway, while building shaker workouts will do you a WORLD of good, the good news is that not one single person will complain about you doing 0 Excuses workouts, my friends.

I remember a particularly annoying female neighbor I had in China once – who’d be knocking on my door galore for any and all reasons sundry – – and even she wouldnt know when I was working out – – except from the deep breathing, which I once put down to (when asked) … ah, but we best not go there, hehe.

Keeping it real as were – along with PG rated – and the real reason was as PG as it could get – – and you’ll know what I mean when you complete a set of 500 Hindu squats in 15 minutes with NO rest between reps – you’ll literally be breathing like a runaway locomotive!

Good news is though, there’s neither a tax – nor a penalty – for breathing deeply!

So if building shaking workouts and “causing the residents to riot” as it were ain’t your thang, I understand. And I’ve got just the System for you to follow – here it is –

Ok, my friend. That’s it for now. I’m off for a few pull-ups now and I’ll try not to tick off too many folks.

That reminds me. I’ve got handstands to do – – but those should be fine – – unless I launch myself up to the top floor of my current building and drill a hole in the floor to do ’em, hehe.

Nah – I wouldn’t do that!

I’m out – I’ll be back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Know what the best part about building shaker workouts are? They’re over in a jiffy – – and the fat burning effects last for DAYS thereafter. And if you’re looking for workouts patterned along a similar line, well, Eat more – Weigh Less is just what the good Doctor ordered. Check it out right HERE – –

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