Is thinking work?
- The POWER of concentrated thoughts

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Many years ago, I was in China – working a job I did NOT like despite the high pay and expat benefits – and although I worked out regularly, I was slowly getting in worse shape in many regards – as opposed to better. 

I’ve told you the story before about finding a shop that stocked pull-up bars in China. I couldn’t find one and I’ve told you the story therein as well – – but this isn’t about that, is it?

This isn’t about how I ended up fashioning a thick pull-up bar (thick as heck, if I might say so) from nothing but a massive rusty iron pipe I found laying by the wayside – and how I ended up getting it installed iin the doorway of a glitzy apartment in one of the poshest apartment complexes in town!

Back to the story – when a then girlfriend introduced me to the Hill – something that was right there under my nose all this while  – but something that I never thought about at all despite  SEEING it on a daily basis.

We tend to ignore that which is right under our nose – and this is a human fallacy my friend – one which yours truly is no stranger to.

As Napoleon Hill correctly once said,

Your big opportunity may be where you are right now!

You already know the story of the Mack truck – or many, hehe – that ran over me on that hill, and can probably hear the giggles of the girls all around as my overweight self attempted to “glide” up the hill as my then girl friend was doing!

Anyway, after it was all said and done I spoke to said girl friend about the hill.

“You can climb it daily!” was her only response.

Of course, my mind found a million excuses NOT to do this daily, and I mentioned them to her.

“I return home pretty late from work”.

“Um … I’m not sure if the park is even open that late … ”

And so forth – and each objection was promptly swept away by a stern admonishing look that she gave me every time I made excuses – and in retrospect it was probably one of the best things that ever happened to me in my entire life.

I thought – and I thought – and I thought MORE about doing this daily – until I could SEE myself doing it before I did it.

And before I knew it, I was doing it!

The SAME process applies, my friend – to YOU as well on your fitness journey – regardless of what point you’re at. 

The SAME thing applies no matter if we’re talking biz – or life – or work – or “gliding” up a hill which formerly kicked me in the can big time. These days, I don’t even feel the slope when going up – and have to get down in special “Eat More – Weigh Less” positions to really “feel it!”

NO puns intended, of course!

Anyway, I’ve often heard the comments people make about “work is what counts – thinking doesn’t”.

That “action” is all that is required, and that it’s way, way more important than thought.

In my own personal case, you’ll often see me sitting, staring into space with seemingly nothing to do – and most people make the mistake of thinking “he’s idle”.

And yet, the reality is the polar opposite.

Most of my books – and writings – and best work have come about as a direct result of being what most people perceive as being “idle!”.

Emerson once stated that “The ancestor of every action is a thought“. And he was spot on.

I don’t care if you’re talking the airplane – or smartphone – or the 0 Excuses Fitness System – or the tee vee for all I care – all of it was invented and put together only after a LOT of concentrated and serious THOUGHT had gone into the initial idea!

And it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the ideas themselves come about as a result of focused thought mixed in with emotion.

We attract that what we think about – – and that is a fundamental principle of life one cannot ignore, my friend.

If you think fitness, you’ll attract it eventually – like I did. Other hand, if you think and believe you’re doomed to a life of obesity and lard ass’ing, well – guess what  you’ll attract in that case as well.

Ford once correctly said that thinking is the hardest work, which is probably why so few engage in it!

And he was spot on, my friend.

Thought – and a strong EMOTIONAL belief backing that thought up is eventually what causes anything to materialize in life – positive or negative – and if you analyze your life – and fitness – thus far, you’ll see it’s nigh TRUE.

So the next time you see someone ruminating upon something – or in deep thought – don’t be so quick to dismiss it as “daydreaming”.

Instead, take some time out for yourself and as Emerson said – do the thing.

Think about your life. Your fitness levels as well.

Do you really, really want to go through your life without doing a single pull-up (as an adult) – or being overweight, obese, and unhappy while watching the models on billboards galore?

Do you REALLY want to be the guy with a belly hanging out over his shorts at the beach – or the guy that attracts women to himself everywhere he goes – seemingly without trying?

The choice is yours, my friend – and choices – any choices – can only be made after some serious THOUGHT has gone into ’em!

Devote some thought to this post today during a spare moment or two. It might just be the best darn thing you do for yourself all day.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Speaking of best darn things, are you doing what I call – and rightly so – the BEST darn exercise there is out there?  If not, you really need to get started NOW – and get your paws on the course as well right now – –

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