Sternum “Gironda” pull-ups
- The true KING of all upper body exercises ...

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If there is an exercise that is quite truly at the very TOP of the heap when it comes to upper body exercises – – those that can be safely performed and done for reps – – it is the pull-up – or more specifically, a certain FORM of pull-up.

This form of pull-up not only trains the entire back way more than the regular style of pull-up does – – but it also builds a solid “bulletproof” chest like no other – – and when you combine it with another (and per favorite of mine) solid chest exercise such as the handstand pushup or (and yes, this is a great, great exercise) – the DIP – the results are unparalleled.

For the last few days, I’ve been doing NOTHING but dips and Gironda pull-ups in my regular training, and my overall gains have exploded – despite the fact I can easily bang out 100 or so regular pull-ups per workout (and do so regularly).

Despite the fact that 250 plus pushups is no biggie for me.

Despite the fact I can rock out 50 plus handstand pushups per set …

And so forth.

My chest muscles have taken on a new appearance altogether with this new routine – and I can literally “feel” my lats that much more every time I even take off my shirt – or put it on – let alone when I’m DOING this exercise – which is LAT and upper back activation x 100 if I might say so.

In 0 Excuses Fitness, I include a neat little section on how to do these – – but it’s unfortunately a section that gets skipped over by too many trainees who pass it over for being “too difficult”.

Big mistake, my friend. Big, big mistake, as this one exercise is really what’ll give you that “X” taper throughout the entire body if you combine it with a sensible diet, regular solid cardio and other exercises that balance out the pulling if you so choose.

It’s the one style of pull-up that’ll build the upper chest like NEVER BEFORE.

And it’s the Gironda pull-up – or sternum pull-up – which was first popularized by Vince Gironda, famous bodybuilder and personal trainer of yore.

No, I’m NOT a fan of some of Gironda’s isolationist training routines – and I’m obviously NOT a fan of bodybuilding either – but here’s the thing.

Old time strongmen as well as bodybuilders were nothing like the booby builders today.

Though they did their fair share of pumping and toning galore, that was backed up by solid STRENGTH and POWER – something we don’t see in with regard to the  ninnies pumping and toning in the gym these days.

Ninnies? Is that even a word? Hehe …

The oldtimers built their strength most often on a solid platform of bodyweight stuff, as well as SENSIBLE weight “bearing”exercises (hint – I’ve detailed some of them in my initial Fast and Furious Fitness book as well) – – and only THEN moved on to pumping/toning as opposed to the modern day nuts in the gym.

Anyway, if you’re currently doing pull-ups – and think you’re good at ’em – you’ll want to learn how to do these as well.

The basic technique is simple – simply pull your upper (or lower) chest to the bar – while you’re in full control, and lower back down slowly.

The image on the homepage of the website shows me in a position where I’m headed for a Gironda pull-up (plus some other holds while on the way up there!) – – so you should get an idea of how well this activates the lats and entire back – but especially the upper back and chest.

And here’s a key to doing this type of pull-up – – focus not ONLY on the lats when doing it … but also your UPPER CHEST as you pull yourself up – – and make sure to keep your chin BACK when you do this superlative exercise (as opposed to the regular pull-up where your chin clears the bar, and down you go again).

Do this exercise for reps, and you’ll see chest, shoulder and upper back development like never before, my friend.

Now, what if this is too tough for you?

What if this exercise is something you haven’t quite started to master as yet?

Well, no problem, my friend. I’ve got plenty more routines for you – – routines that’ll build an upper body way, way stronger than the norm – – and a body that looks as strong as it IS.

A n upper body that is quite truly a “titanium” packed upper body if I might say so – – built with routines that were used by ALL the time old time strongmen at one point or the other – – and routines that have been tested by the sands of time.

Routines that flat out work – – and one GREAT course you simply must have if you’re interested in this sort of thing is right here – –

Grab your copy now, and watch your upper body gains exploded before your very eyes.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Remember too that Gironda pull-ups are an excellent way to progress into muscle-ups – – something some of you have expressed interest in. So are some of the workouts that I’ve mentioned in the course above – so if building a base for muscle ups appeals to you – start right here – –

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