Moonlight Sprints

Dear Reader,

Many years ago, circa 1937 actually – there lived a tremendously powerful bear of a man named William Boone – from the deep South in the U.S.

For those of you that are impressed by numbers, here goes – this man worked up to a deadlift of 700 lbs or so … a partial deadlift of no less than 900 lbs … and a 420 lb jerk (from the rack).

I have no idea how many handstand pushups – or pull-ups he pounded out regularly, but I’m 100% sure this man did plenty of ’em too — much like Doug Hepburn, Paul Anderson, Arthur Saxon and other old time strongmen of yore.

But that isn’t the point of this email. I covered that in the last e-mail, but for now, what makes Boone’s achievements all the more remarkable is that he trained AFTER a full day of work.

And I’m not talking “sitting on your butt” in the office work either.

Boone had a job digging wells in the deep South – – way, way down in Louisana, Texas etc … and believe me when I tell you this (I’ve lived in Mississippi for years) – it can get HOT as heck there – especially during the summer.

The men often had to drink almost 4 gallons of water during the day just to be able to work – and despite the brutal nature of his job, Boone found time to train – at night – in his backyard – under the stars as it were! 

And he wasn’t the only one for sure. A LOT of old time strongmen would literally train under the moonlight – at hours that normal people would associate with “drinking it up” – or snoring loudly.

Plenty an old time strongman has trained well into the midnight hours – – finally racking the weights – – or finishing that last set of pull-ups at 2 A.M. or more – BEFORE getting up to go to work the next day!

On this note, something of note to tell you is the following – the Chinese taoists have a belief which says that the hours between 11 and 1 in the day or night are literally the POWER HOURS of the day.

You get double benefit from whatever you do during these hours.

If you train hard from 11 AM – 1 P.M, you’ll get double the benefit. If you go for an hour long workout at 11 P.M., you’ll end up getting TWO hours worth of benefits.

Ditto for writing a book – – or visualizing – – or meditating – – or any other activity you engage in during the hours.

And although yours truly prefers to train around the 11 A.M. (perhaps a bit later, but not too much) mark when in China – – and though I’ve done it that way for most of my adult life, there have been plenty of times I’ve trained at night as well.

Back when I first started working out on the hill I now consider my second home, I’d get home LATE after a long, long day “in the trenches” at a factory in China.

My day would literally start at 6 A.M. and sometimes extend on to 8:30 P.M. or more – but whatever the time was when I came home, I always found time to get a workout in on the hill.

And the results showed – both for me throughout the years, and certainly as well for the strongmen I’m referring to.

If there ever were shining, REAL LIFE examples of 0 Excuses when it comes to fitness, the above examples are great ones for you, my friend.

I’m not in China for now – – and I’m training during the evening again these days – – a time I don’t quite prefer, but a time that is the only time for me right now to train effectively, and so I just do it at that time.

And being that winter is creeping up on us FAST here in New Delhi, it gets dark around 6’ish or so – and the moonlight is pretty much the only light I’ve got to train by – along with a few stray lights in the park I train in.

And believe me, although most people shy away from the park at that time claiming it’s “too dark”, training at this time can be incredibly peaceful, motivating and uplifting.

I’ve always loved training during “downtimes” – 11 A.M. – 1 P.M. in China being downtime for most folks again.

It’s you out there ALONE – with nature – and YOU and the exercises and nothing else bar the occasional drunk – or boze, depending upon the time.

No smartphone necked junkies lolling about. No bozos hanging out “sitting” on the dipping bars. No clowns showing up to tell you “it’s better to train your mind than the body” (yes, I’ve have that happen too!).

And the sprints are by far the most interesting part of my workout these days. I’m sprinting full tilt in an almost dark park – – with the moonlight (when there is some) casting shadows as I go up and down the sloping paths of the park.

No hills here, so I make do with manmade slopes (hint – thats precisely what I tell you on the “Eat more – Weigh less” page as well!) – – and believe me, I get a heck of a workout in despite training in conditions most would consider less than ideal.

No 11 – 1 workouts for me right now – but if I’m creating products – I’m almost always doing it during those hours – and have in the past as well.

And I’ve got results accordingly – – which along with my fitness results pretty much proves what the Taoists have been saying for centuries.

Anyway, thats it for now, my friend. If there is ONE takeaway from this email – it is THIS – when it comes to fitness – or anything in life – there are NO excuses to be made, my friend.

Go out there – and just do it!


Rahul Mookerjee

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